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All the core features of MemberMouse
+ 3 x 30 minute phone consultations with our product specialists

+ 100 member limit
+ choice of startup-friendly payment plan
+ access to Office Hours, email support & online Help Center

Choose the payment plan that’s best for you

Incubator Annual – $108 Incubator One-Time – $179

** When you reach 100 members you’ll be prompted to upgrade to our basic Builder plan.
If this happens in the middle of a year, your first charge will be pro-rated.
In this case, the one-time fee payment is calculated as 2 years pre-paid.
See our FAQs below for more details.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected]

Our Mission is to Help you Grow

Powered by people with a passion for service, MemberMouse is your partner for online business growth and superior membership & content managementWe understand that there are many considerations when you’re just starting out.

Time, creative energy and money are all at a premium.

It’s also imperative to start building on a platform that can both only support you at the beginning of your venture but through your entire business growth.

At MemberMouse, we don’t want you to sacrifice quality during the beginning phase of your business, so we’ve created the Incubator Program to support you in the early days.

Build a solid foundation with our robust core features.

Built-in Checkout & Upsells

MemberMouse checkout pages are delivered on your domain and integrate seamlessly with your WordPress theme and website aesthetic.

Memberships & Products

Implement creative sales strategies or test various pricing options for any/each product with free and paid trials, subscriptions, payment plans, and coupon codes.

1-Click Purchasing

With each member’s credit card saved to their account, all it takes is a single click to purchase additional products when logged in.

Member Management

Manage free and paid members with a simple and intuitive CRM. Put your member management on autopilot. We have tools to track member info, activity, transaction history and more!

Content Protection & Timed Release

Easily protect any page or post and grant access to any membership level with the click of a button. Release content a little at a time or all at once.

Shortcodes & SmartTags

Customize your marketing messages based on each user’s purchase history. Our automated segmentation and SmartTags make it easy to deliver future products based on previous purchases.

Zapier Integrations

With our Zapier integration you can connect MemberMouse with over 500 apps providing you with mind-boggling options for automating, expanding and analyzing your business.

Payment Integrations

MemberMouse gives you flexibility to integrate with some of the leading payment processing platforms: Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree.

Email Integrations

Connect MemberMouse to one of our email integrations for helpful list syncing and other marketing automations: ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, GetResponse, Drip, AWeber, iContact.

Basic Reporting

In addition to measuring and reporting data across your entire membership or customer base, you can also view any individual’s purchase history, activity log, lifetime customer value, and more.

Developer Tools

Build 3rd party integrations and leverage member data with the MemberMouse API. Use Hooks & Filters to easily modify and extend MemberMouse functionality without touching the core files.

Custom Notifications

When a push notification event is triggered, you can send an email to a member, an alert to a team member or call a custom script to connect with another system’s API.

Gifting Functionality

Simple and complete setup to allow your site’s members to purchase memberships and bundles, then distribute them to whomever they please.

Coupon Codes

Offer your members discounts in a variety of ways including first payment or all payments, available only for a specified time period, in limited quantities and more.

Affiliate Tracking & Integrations

Direct integration with iDev Affiliates and ability to integrate with othe systems. Flexible commission profiles, separate partner payout parameters, source or channel tracking.

Join the Incubator Program today

Incubator Annual – $108 Incubator One-Time – $179

Built from Experience

In 2009, MemberMouse began as a membership solution for high-volume merchants.
The core functionality was built using input from very experienced and successful marketers who have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services online. And the developers working behind the scenes on the code have built enterprise class systems for Fortune 100 clients.
When it comes to reliability, stability, and flexibility, there is simply no other solution that can match MemberMouse.
And as our company continues to grow, our success, and that of our users, will be enhanced by the ideas and feedback from our clients, large and small, who reach out to us and share their success stories, workflows, and best practices.
We take their feedback to heart, and many of these ideas are implemented inside of the MemberMouse platform, to the benefit of our entire community.

13+ Years of Happy Customers

We love our customers and are thrilled to be a part of their success.

My sole source of income used to be online coaching, which took up a great deal of my time. When I launched my Member’s Area I made more in one month than I had in the past year.

The checkout flow solved a lot of my problems for me. Using MemberMouse I am able to set up a new product in a matter of minutes, give the customer access to all the right content and follow-up with automated emails.

I basically run this site myself, from anything technical to customer support. I appreciate the self-service tools provided by your system so members can manage their accounts without my intervention. Your automated email notifications saves a lot of time when customers are past due with their accounts. It just works.

Your plugin is solid. Thanks for developing such a great product and I’m happy to be supporting the on-going development of the best membership plugin out there!

Love it!! Feels good to know I can grow my business on a solid platform that I trust.

MemberMouse has some amazing features I haven’t found in any other membership plugin that enable us to maximize profitability such as one click up-sells and save the sale offers. Also the unmatched flexibility of being able to use membership levels and bundles helped me create a site structure that I know can grow and adapt along with my business.

We tried a lot of different subscription platforms before landing on MemberMouse, and none of them really came close to what this one has to offer. While it’s not a perfect system, they’re constantly upgrading it to make it as perfect as it can be. By including a subscription service, we’ve increased our sales by about 500% over the past year (woohoo!), and we have very little support burden due to the automated nature of MemberMouse.

Neely Quinn

EfficaceMente has multiple eCourses on different subjects and we use MemberMouse to deliver them to our customers. MemberMouse was especially useful to streamline all the selling and delivering process of our eCourses. Introducing the 1-click upsell resulted in an immediate +18% increase in sales. In general, thanks to MemberMouse our customers can now manage all of their purchases in much more easy way.

Andrea Guiliodori

I was impressed with the level of documentation and support that MemberMouse provided for the migration process. All of your videos were up-to-date and walked me through the process step-by-step. That gave me a lot of confidence in MemberMouse and helped me know I was making the right decision. As I was migrating over I found out about a lot of exciting features that I had always wanted with the other plugin.

I’m happy to report that since switching to MemberMouse, I’ve increased my overall revenue by 200%!

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Incubator Annual – $108 Incubator One-Time – $179

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this price go up after the first year?

No. If you buy at this price, it remains the same unless and until you reach your member limit of 100 members. You will then be prompted to upgrade to the Builder plan.

What if I reach my member limit before a year?

When you upgrade you will be credited with a pro-rated amount which takes into account the time left on your annual plan.

For example, let’s say you need to upgrade after 3 months and you decide to upgrade to the next membership level of Builder at $29 / month ($289 / year). You would have a credit of $81 which would mean that you would either not be billed for the next 3 months (if you chose monthly billing), or you would be charged a pro-rated amount of $208 (if you chose annual billing).

If you’ve chosen the one-time fee option, then that is considered a 2-year prepayment. So that calculation for this example would be as follows…
Let’s say you need to upgrade after 3 months and you decide to upgrade to the next membership level of Builder at $29 / month ($289 / year). You would have a credit of $156.65 which would mean that you would either not be billed for the next 5.5 months (if you chose monthly billing), or you would be charged a pro-rated amount of $132.35 (if you chose annual billing).

How are active members counted?

An active member is any member whose account status is active. This includes both free and paying members. Member accounts that are canceled do not count towards this number.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time. Start on the smallest plan you need and then upgrade when you’re ready. Simply log in on this website and then select the Upgrade option from the My Account menu.

Are there any restrictions during the free trial?

No. During the free trial you’ll have full access to all features on the plan you signed up for.

Can I protect content and customize it for specific members?

Yes! MemberMouse allows you to easily protect WordPress pages and posts based on a member’s access rights as well as drip content to members over time by scheduling what day members should get access.

MemberMouse also has a large library of SmartTags (our proprietary shortcodes), which allow you deliver dynamic content based on the member who’s currently logged in without writing any code.

Can I accept more than one form of payment on my site?

Yes! MemberMouse allows you to offer multiple payment methods on the checkout page at the same time to give your customers more options. For example, you could use both Stripe and PayPal, enabling customers to either pay with their credit card right on your site or via PayPal.

Can I speak with someone regarding specific technical requirements?

We don’t offer one-on-one consultations with regards to project requirements. However, our support team is top notch and can answer any specific questions you have about the MemberMouse plugin. Submit a ticket to our team and we’ll do our best to assist you.

I have more questions

Check out our in-depth pre-sales FAQs or email our support team with any questions you have. We’re here to help.

Join the Incubator Program today

Incubator Annual – $108 Incubator One-Time – $179