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The Mix & Match Combo

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If you’re ready to build a robust and engaging membership site, we have a feeling you’ll love this model.


The Mix & Match membership model is big, bold, and perfect for people who are serious about creating a powerful online business.

You want to sell courses, create a community area, and do weekly live streams for your members. Plus, who knows what the future holds? You need the freedom and flexibility to pivot on a dime based on the needs of your audience and emerging market trends.

For example, let’s say that you teach people how to speak Japanese. With this membership model, you could create a website where people pay a monthly fee for access to all of your courses, a monthly group call, and even a way to get connected with a conversation partner.

Plus, you can create one-time purchase products that let your members schedule an hour with you to make sure they’re pronouncing konnichiwa correctly.

With this membership model, you can combine the best elements from all the different membership models into your custom-tailored dream business.

Sure, it may take a bit more effort to get this model off the ground, but you’re not afraid of rolling up your sleeves, right?


The Digital Marketer Lab is a classic use-case of Mix & Match Combo model. Members of The Lab get access to dozens of eBooks, video workshops, a community forum, and even discounts on marketing tools and tech. Plus, members can get exclusive sales on new releases and early-access to private trainings. 

BassGorilla is a Mix & Match membership site that combines content and community to teach people how to create electronic music. Not only do members get access to an in-depth training library and a community forum, they also get to participate in monthly live trainings with world-class DJ’s and producers.

PaleoPlan is another perfect example of this model. When you sign up for their membership, you get access to meal plans, workout training videos, group challenges, and more. This model works well for this business because there is so much to the paleo lifestyle. If you’re in a similar niche, consider this model.

"Someone who was very successful online said to my friend, 'You should just start a membership site from day one.' That was a lightbulb moment for me. Immediately the next day, I started implementing that."
Luke Ward
Luke Ward
Online Entrepreneur


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