our top answers from membermouse office hours in 2019

Office Hours Highlights: The Top Questions From 2019

On Fridays, MemberMouse Office Hours with our Founder/CEO Eric Turnnessen sets aside time for anyone and everyone to ask their questions and get answers directly. We’ve covered topics ranging from big picture uses of MemberMouse to where a specific functionality can be found; how to reach and target customers; questions about entrepreneurship and weathering the tides of business; and the length of Eric’s beard.

Since we have a few weeks of downtime over the holidays and into the New Year, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring together a few of the most popular Office Hours excerpts from this past year. For a full selection of individuals questions from Office Hours, you can go to the Office Hours category on the MemberMouse Support site.



Question #1 : How would you set up a product with a paid trial period and upsell to an annual membership level?

Topics Covered: Create a product and a discount product. Create a membership level. Create a product-specific confirmation page. How does proration work?



Question #2 : What’s the website flow after the “buy now” button?

Resources mentioned: Master Core Pages and Sell a Bundle (Guided Setup Video)



Question #3 : How do I set up 1-click upsells? Stripe is the payment provider.

Resources Mentioned: How To Use 1-Click Upsells To Dynamically Engage With Your Customers and Create an Upsell Process



Question #4 : Would you discuss how to sell, protect and present courses?




Question #5 : How do I show a content excerpt followed by a sign up offer?

Resources mentioned: How to Create Content That Markets Itself and Access Decision SmartTag



Question #6 : How to handle billing transfer when migrating to MemberMouse?

Resources mentioned: Migration Guide


And a couple of more personal bonus questions….

Question #7 : Why did you grow your beard so long?




Question #8 : Do you compare yourselves to other membership platforms?



Wrapping Up

Whether you’re new to MemberMouse or have been using the platform for years, there’s always room to explore and find better ways of doing things. We’ll be starting up again in the beginning of February. Register to join Eric at Office Hours to get answers to any questions you have as they relate to you, your company, and your personal goals.

Every situation is unique. There are no one-size fits all solutions. So please, step into our office and ask us anything.

Cindy Bennett

Cynthia is the Head of Customer Experience for MemberMouse.

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