Create A Client Portal
That's Private & Secure

Bring file sharing, billing, & account
management into one organized hub.

coffee contracts client portal

Coffee & Contracts uses MemberMouse to
power their portal for real estate agents

“MemberMouse helped me open a door to an incredible opportunity, and it couldn’t have been any easier. It handles the 'heavy lifting' for my client portal. This frees up my time and energy so I can focus on my clients and the content I put out for them.”
Haley Ingram
Founder of Coffee & Contracts

Take A Peek At What You
Can Do With MemberMouse

Create A Personalized
Login Area For Your Clients

Privacy is at the heart of all client relationships. With MemberMouse, you can create a secure login portal for your clients’ eyes only. Better yet, this area can be customized for each one of your clients.

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Bill For One-Time Projects
And Recurring Retainers

Say goodbye to extra invoicing tools! With MemberMouse, you can collect payments directly from your clients – on your terms. You have the flexibility to set up one-time purchase products as well as recurring subscriptions.

Share Private Documents,
Videos, & Links With Your Clients

You probably don’t want the entire world to see your Calendly link or private project documents. And neither do your clients! With MemberMouse, you have complete control over who gets to see what on your protected pages.

private file sharing client portal wordpress
account self service

Let Your Clients Manage Their
Accounts Entirely On Their Own

The whole point of creating a client portal is to make life easier for you and your customers. Let your clients update their card information, view billing history, and manage their accounts on their own. Here’s to fewer emails!

More Helpful Features
You're Going To Love


Send Customizable
PDF Receipts

Send your clients a customizable PDF receipt when a payment goes through – automatically!


Complete Design
Control & Flexibility

Match the design of your client portal to your existing brand styling. You're in full control over how things look.


Connect Your Tech
Stack With Zapier

Integrating the other tools you use in your client relationships is as easy as 1… 2… Zap!

risk revu client portal

RiskRevu uses MemberMouse to help insurance agents
manage, automate, and optimize their client experiences

“Our platform allows agencies and their agents to streamline the data gathering aspects of certain sales processes and service tasks. This saves time over picking up the phone, asking a million questions, or typing out an email with all those questions in it.”

MemberMouse Plays Nicely With...

Online Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely
But With MemberMouse, You're Never Alone

Our industry leading support is available 7 days a week – 9 AM to 5 PM PST – to help you build your health and wellness empire. We pride ourselves on our personable and detail-oriented service. Our support suite is one of the most extensive in our industry, and the high level of documentation demonstrates our commitment to helping you achieve success with our software.


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Support Docs & Videos

"I’ve had a couple of experiences with MemberMouse
support now and you guys have always gone above and
beyond in solving my problem. I really appreciate it."
client portal support testimonial
Ed S.
MemberMouse Customer

The CLBI uses MemberMouse to give loan brokers everything they need to succeed in one organized place

clbi client portal
“The Institute provides a broad variety of services to commercial loan brokers. And we handle the billing for all of it through MemberMouse. By setting up each service as a different bundle we give our clients one place to login, manage their services, and access everything – from watching their most recent video training to downloading pre-event materials.”
Darrick Brown
Founder & CEO of CLBI