Easily manage any member account details

View and edit member account details and access rights. Create custom member fields. Enjoy robust member search tools and view each member’s Lifetime Customer Value and engagement statistics. You can even assign your employees limited access rights to assist with member management or customer support.

Minimize support requests with My Account Self Service

Allow members to easily reset their password, view purchase history, update their account information and more. Let them upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscriptions while also offering options to save the sale – all automated and keeping you hands-free.

1-Click buying makes additional purchases a no-brainer

With each member’s credit card saved to their account, all it takes is a single click to purchase additional products when logged in. Plus you can recommend products in their Member’s Dashboard, based on their membership level or purchase history.

Handle technical issues quickly and efficiently

For those times when your customers need your direct technical support, you can quickly review any member’s activity log, or login as them, for effective troubleshooting. Reset passwords, issue refunds, add or remove products and subscriptions, and so much more.

Single sign-on with Facebook/Twitter/Google/LinkedIn login

No new usernames and passwords to remember or lose. Let your members access your protected content with their preferred social account login.

Automated handling of declined payments and access rights

Gone are the days of following up on declined payments and overdue accounts. MemberMouse automatically attempts to rebill overdue accounts. After repeated non-payment, the system revokes user access while sending a request to update their billing information.

Everything you need for robust member management

Member management is built into the core of MemberMouse. We also give you CRM tools to track member info, activity, transaction history and more!
My Account Self Service
Password Reset
Manage Account Info
Manage Billing/Shipping Info
View Order History
Manage Subscriptions
Upgrade/Downgrade Functionality
Member Activity Log
Engagement Statistics
Employee Accounts
Card-on-file Support
Overdue Payment Handling
Custom Fields
Login as Member
View Transaction History
Issue Refunds
Comp Access
Manual Member Creation
Import Members
Facebook/Twitter/ Google/LinkedIn Login
Manage Account Status

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