Protected Members Area

Provide your customers an organized and protected Members Area where they can view and access any product they have purchased. Easily protect any page or post and grant access to any membership level with the click of a button.

Customized Login Screen + Password Reset

Easily customize your WordPress login screen and reset password pages to your own logo, branding, and url. Users can easily reset their passwords without contacting you for support.

Personalize content based on user access

Use our SmartTags to easily display different content on any post or page, based on membership level. Plus, upsell access to restricted content for additional sales opportunities.

Drip content to members over time

You can schedule your content to release a little at a time – such as one module per week – based on each user’s purchase date. Or go ahead and deliver all your content at once!

Create a ‘teaser version’ of paid content for social sharing

Let your customers share their favorite pages without giving away your protected content. Just use our SmartTags to display a teaser version of any page or post – along with an invitation to purchase for full access – to anyone who doesn’t have access rights.

Secure your content and prevent account sharing

Set your security preferences: You can limit login attempts and auto-lock shared accounts.

Flexible content protection tools for any use case

Protect member-only content with a variety of access controls. Our membership levels and bundles give you the flexibility needed to protect just about anything.
Protected Members Area
Limit Login Attempts
Auto-lock Shared Accounts
Custom Login Page
Custom Password Reset Page
Personalized Content with SmartTags
Flexible Content Protection
Protect Posts & Pages
Protect Custom Post Types
Protect Categories & Taxonomies
Time-release / Drip Content
Self-Promoting Content

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