Give a seamless and sexy checkout experience

MemberMouse checkout pages are delivered on your domain and integrate seamlessly with your WordPress theme and website aesthetic.

Powerful tools to maximize revenues

Convert more with 1-click buy links. Increase retention with automated subscription recovery and downselling. Cater to all by accepting both credit cards and PayPal.

Flexible pricing lets you sell the way you want

Implement creative sales strategies or test various pricing options for any/each product with free and paid trials, subscriptions, payment plans, and coupon codes.

Use Purchase History to Drive More Sales

Customize your marketing messages based on each user’s purchase history. Our automated segmentation and SmartTags make it easy to deliver future products based on previous purchases.

Create a personalized experience that builds trust

Our SmartTags let you greet each customer by name, offer real-time product recommendations based on purchase history, and more.

Sell products, memberships, and more with MemberMouse

MemberMouse makes it easy to sell any kind of product on your site, from memberships to physical goods.
Free & Paid Memberships
One-Click Upsells
Flexible Checkout Pages
Flexible Pricing
Recurring Subscriptions
Payment Plans
Members-Only Pricing
One-Time Purchase Products
Free/Paid Trials
Affiliate Support/Integration
Multiple Payment Options on Single Page
Personalization via SmartTags
Downsell/Save the Sale
Several Billing Integrations
Coupon Codes
Share Anywhere Links
International Currency
Gifting Functionality
Prorated Upgrades
Customizable confirmation page

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