Build your business without creating a job for yourself

Don’t get buried in little tasks or countless support requests. We automate the tasks that keep your business profitable, saving you time so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love.

Give new members immediate access

New customers don’t have to wait for you to manually create their account, and you don’t have to worry about keeping up with membership growth. You can also automatically trigger internal notifications of user actions, for example: if you want to welcome members with a personal phone call.

Minimize support requests with My Account Self Service

Automation = Customer Empowerment. Members can easily reset their password, view purchase history, update their account information and more. Let them upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscriptions without contacting your customer support, saving you time and money.

Failed payment follow-up & overdue accounts are handled automatically

When a subscription payment doesn’t go through, the system attempts to rebill every few days. After repeated non-payment, user access is automatically revoked and automated emails follow up to get updated credit card information.

Save the sale when someone tries to cancel

You can build a ‘Save the Sale’ page that will automatically display when someone tries to cancel their subscription. Based on their membership level, the page dynamically offers an option to downgrade membership, or to provide a discount if they remain. You decide what is offered, add those options via SmartTags, and then the rest is hands-free.

MemberMouse plays well with others

MemberMouse integrates with nearly any system through Zapier and our Push Notification System. This helps you minimize chaos and manual tasks without sacrificing functionality. You can automate tasks across systems, pass along data to your accounting system or affiliate management system, and automate communications to members or internal staff, plus so much more…

Put your site on autopilot with powerful automation features

Automate your member engagement, support and marketing with our tools and integrations. It's time to put things on autopilot!
Overdue Payment Notification
Content Protection Sync'd with Billing Status
Push Notifications
Integrate with 3rd Party Systems
Zapier Integration
Email Integration
Internal Company Notifications
Email Purchase Receipts
Send Welcome Emails
My Account Self Service
View Order History
Manage Subscriptions
Password Reset
Upgrade/Downgrade Support
Custom Member Dashboards

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