The team at MemberMouse is dedicated to bringing our customers the most powerful, robust, and user-friendly WordPress membership plugin that we can build. Period.

Eric Turnnessen

Founder & CEO

Eric Turnnessen is the founder of MemberMouse and the brains behind the operation. His absolute dedication to quality and insistence on perfection have made MemberMouse the premier WordPress membership plugin on the market today. Eric is known to be a clear, concise, long-term thinker, who values customer satisfaction over short term profits. Eric enjoys long walks on the.. oh wait, wrong profile. Eric has architected systems for Fortune 500 businesses such as Wal-Mart, Sony Pictures, Barnes and Noble, and British Airways. His attention to detail and commitment to continual improvement make MemberMouse the #1 choice for business owners looking for a reliable and scalable membership solution.

Ben Daughtry

Chief Technology Officer

Ben is an expert at back-end system development and has extensive experience architecting “mission critical” platforms. Some of his code is currently in use by the Department of Defense. As you can imagine, Ben brings stability and reliability to the MemberMouse platform, in a way that our competitors simply can’t match. Ben is also the guy who fine-tuned the database queries in use by MemberMouse to maximize the speed and performance of the plugin for our customers  (look don’t blame us, we really do try to get him to come outside more often and enjoy some sun, but he just won’t have it). Ben is so busy coding behind the scenes that he’s yet to provide us with a better headshot.

Our Philosophy

Being a “software as a service” company, as opposed to a “one-time fee” plugin, we’re committed to not only delivering the most powerful, flexible, and easy to use WordPress membership plugin on the market, but we’re also invested in bringing you new and innovative features to help your business grow. Our success as a business is dependent on your success, and we take that responsibility seriously. You’ll notice that we only integrate with “best in class” service providers and will only make recommendations for software and services we ourselves would use, or that we would feel comfortable recommending to our own friends and family. We feel it’s our job to help you build your business on a strong foundation and to give you the best tools, support, resources, and knowledge that we can, to ensure your growth and our mutual success.

Dedication to Support

At MemberMouse, we understand that running an online business is a complicated endeavor. That’s why we’ve made customer support a top priority, along with our mission to deliver the best membership management software possible. With both our dedicated support team, and our comprehensive support center, you can be sure that you can get help when you need it. Our support suite is one of the most extensive in our industry, and the high level of documentation demonstrates our commitment to helping you achieve success with our membership software. In addition to the ever growing knowledge base of over 200 articles and 60 videos in our support center, we also share best practices from our own 7 figure businesses and high profile clients. We recognize that we are more than just a software company. We are a community of entrepreneurs and business owners striving for excellence, and that by working together, we all can achieve more.

Built from Experience

MemberMouse began as a membership solution for high-volume merchants. The core functionality was built using input from very experienced and successful marketers who have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services online. And the developers working behind the scenes on the code have built enterprise class systems for Fortune 100 clients. When it comes to reliability, stability, and flexibility, there is simply no other solution that can match MemberMouse. And as our company continues to grow, our success, and that of our users, will be enhanced by the ideas and feedback from our clients, large and small, who reach out to us and share their success stories, workflows, and best practices. We take their feedback to heart, and many of these ideas are implemented inside of the MemberMouse platform, to the benefit of our entire community.

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