Sell Products

MemberMouse makes it easy to sell any kind of product on your site, from memberships to courses, one-time purchases to physical goods.

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Free & Paid Memberships
One-Click Upsells
Flexible Checkout Pages
Flexible Pricing
Recurring Subscriptions
Payment Plans
Members-Only Pricing
One-Time Purchase Products
Free/Paid Trials
Affiliate Support/Integration
Multiple Payment Options on Single Page
Personalization via SmartTags
Downsell/Save the Sale
Several Billing Integrations
Coupon Codes
Share Anywhere Links
International Currency
Gifting Functionality
Prorated Upgrades
Customizable confirmation page

Protect Content

Protect member-only content with a variety of access controls. Our membership levels and bundles give you the flexibility needed to protect just about anything.

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Protected Members Area
Limit Login Attempts
Auto-lock Shared Accounts
Custom Login Page
Custom Password Reset Page
Personalized Content with SmartTags
Flexible Content Protection
Protect Posts & Pages
Protect Custom Post Types
Protect Categories & Taxonomies
Time-release / Drip Content
Self-Promoting Content

Manage Members

Member management is built into the core of MemberMouse. We also give you CRM tools to track member info, activity, transaction history and more!

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My Account Self Service
Password Reset
Manage Account Info
Manage Billing/Shipping Info
View Order History
Manage Subscriptions
Upgrade/Downgrade Functionality
Member Activity Log
Engagement Statistics
Employee Accounts
Card-on-file Support
Overdue Payment Handling
Custom Fields
Login as Member
View Transaction History
Issue Refunds
Comp Access
Manual Member Creation
Import Members
Facebook/Twitter/ Google/LinkedIn Login
Manage Account Status

Build Courses

With Courses for MemberMouse, design and build your courses without a third-party Learning Management System (LMS). Our visual drag-and-drop builder allows you to easily create, protect, and sell courses.

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Simple lesson and course management
Drag-and-drop visual builder
Customizable course display
Easy preview as an admin
Flexible content protection
Lesson navigation built-in
Track students' progress
Cross-sell and upsell functionality
Offer time-released lessons
Account page course display for students
Build and offer quizzes
Create certification options


Automate your member engagement, support and marketing with our tools and integrations. It's time to put things on autopilot!

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Overdue Payment Notification
Content Protection Sync'd with Billing Status
Push Notifications
Integrate with 3rd Party Systems
Zapier Integration
Email Integration
Internal Company Notifications
Email Purchase Receipts
Send Welcome Emails
My Account Self Service
View Order History
Manage Subscriptions
Password Reset
Upgrade/Downgrade Support
Custom Member Dashboards

Reporting & Analytics

MemberMouse offers robust reporting tools that help you calculate sales, customer lifetime value, churn/retention, and more. Embrace a data-drive approach with the right metrics at your fingertips.

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Member & Revenue Growth Dashboard
Engagement Statistics
Lifetime Customer Value
Export Transactions
Browse Transactions Report
LCV by Lead Source Report
Member Count Report
Sales by Membership Level Report
Sales By Product Report
Quick Average Report
Compare Membership Levels Report
Channel Sales Report
Churn & Retention
Member Activity Log
View Trends Graphically

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