Know where your sales are coming from

Does your $1 trial perform better than your free trial? Which shopping cart or sales channel generates the most revenue? What is your most popular or profitable membership level? Find out with our sales reports by membership level, product, sales channel or payment service.

Run transaction reports and pass data to your accounting software

MemberMouse integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting systems through Zapier, so that you can automatically pass transaction and accounting-level data at the time of sale. You can also browse transactions filtered by various criteria so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Understand member behaviors and sales trends

Know how many months your average member remains an active subscriber and also know the rate at which you’re losing members. Get a bird’s eye view of member engagement and content consumption, and know the average lifetime value of your customers.

Drill down into any member’s history and data

In addition to measuring and reporting data across your entire membership or customer base, you can also view any individual’s purchase history, activity log, lifetime customer value, and more.

Powerful reporting features for better decision making

MemberMouse offers robust reporting tools that help you calculate sales, customer lifetime value, churn/retention, and more. Embrace a data-drive approach with the right metrics at your fingertips.
Member & Revenue Growth Dashboard
Engagement Statistics
Lifetime Customer Value
Export Transactions
Browse Transactions Report
LCV by Lead Source Report
Member Count Report
Sales by Membership Level Report
Sales By Product Report
Quick Average Report
Compare Membership Levels Report
Channel Sales Report
Churn & Retention
Member Activity Log
View Trends Graphically

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