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Pianu uses MemberMouse to help
50,000+ people fall in love with the piano

"When I switched to MemberMouse it was like the clouds opening up. I was like 'Oh, this doesn’t have to be difficult.' In terms of sales, MemberMouse has really helped me comb through all the data that comes in. I’m getting better at understanding why sales come in when they do. It's a perfect fit."
Matthew Curney
Matt Curney
Founder of Pianu

Take A Peek At What You
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Sell Both Standalone Courses &
Recurring Membership Products

Do you want your students to learn Ode To Joy before joining your monthly Mozart mastery program? Good news! You can create both one-time purchase & recurring products with MemberMouse.

drip content membership

Schedule the Release of New Modules
& Lessons with Drip Content Features

Want your members to get access to a new course module, instructional video, or lesson each week? Our drip content scheduling feature gives you full control of when people get access to your content.

Create Personalized Experiences & Targeted Offers For Your Members

With our SmartTag features, you can create highly personal experiences and targeted offers based on what your members have – or haven’t – bought. Want all your Blues Guitarists to see an upgrade offer for your B.B. King course? It’s as easy as inserting a SmartTag.

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Let Your Members Manage Their
Accounts Entirely On Their Own

As your music membership grows, so will your customer support requests. With MemberMouse, your members can manage their accounts. Plus, you can automate many routine tasks that might suck up a lot of your time and energy. We think that deserves a round of applause!

Looking For Inspiration?
Here's The Perfect Podcast

bass gorilla music membership site

How To Start, Grow, And Sell A Membership Site with Luke Ward of Bass Gorilla

“Someone who was very successful online said to my friend, ‘You should just start a membership site from day one.‘ That was a light bulb moment for me. Immediately the next day I started implementing that.”

More Helpful Features
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Combine With Courses For MemberMouse

Gone are the days when you need an extra plugin to sell your courses. Now you can do it all with our built-in LMS!


Coupon Codes &
Gifting Features

Get new members in the door with enticing discounts. Plus, allow anyone to give your membership as a gift.



Make it a breeze for your members to buy additional products. And what’s easier than one click?

Active Melody trusts MemberMouse to power
their content and community platform for guitarists

"My site is a community site that has both premium and non-premium content. MemberMouse is the core management tool that allows all of that to be possible. I use MemberMouse for all new member sign ups and to track revenue generated."
guitar membership site
Brian Sherrill
Founder of Active Melody

MemberMouse Plays Nicely With...

Online Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely
But With MemberMouse, You're Never Alone

Our industry leading support is available 7 days a week – 9 AM to 5 PM PST – to help you build your health and wellness empire. We pride ourselves on our personable and detail-oriented service. Our support suite is one of the most extensive in our industry, and the high level of documentation demonstrates our commitment to helping you achieve success with our software.


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"John has gone out of his way to be incredibly helpful in resolving our
complex issue. This isn’t the first time he has gone out of his way to be
friendly & helpful. The way you all handle support tickets is unlike any
other service I have opened tickets with. We’ll continue to be loyal
customers for years to come. Thank you John, you saved my butt!"
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John B.
MemberMouse Customer
music membership site

Pro Sound Formula uses MemberMouse to provide musicians with world-class mixing training

"MemberMouse allows me to provide all my training programs in one convenient dashboard area where members can access them 24/7. Plus, they can sign up for free courses or purchase new ones. Since implementing MemberMouse, my support issues have reduced by at least 80% because it makes the process of purchasing and accessing content so much easier for the customer."
prosound formula
Rob Williams
Founder of Pro Sound Formula