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MemberMouse gives you the tools you need
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The International Gem Society uses MemberMouse to
connect gemstone enthusiasts from around the world

“MemberMouse adds tremendous value to our organization. We do thousands of individual transactions every month, and we therefore needed an “enterprise” quality membership website plugin to support and run our business. MemberMouse is simply the best product on the market.”
Seth Rosen
Owner of IGS

Take A Peek At What You
Can Do With MemberMouse

Automatically Collect Recurring Dues
& One-Time Fees From Your Members

Your membership dues or association fees are the lifeblood of your organization. With MemberMouse, it's easy to set up monthly, quarterly, or annual payments that bill automatically. Or, you can charge a one-time fee at the time of sign up that gives a member lifetime access.

Create A Private Area Where
Your Community Can Connect

Want your members to meet and interact? Good news! You can create a protected area just for your members. This could house a community forum or private messaging tool that helps your members get to know each other and discuss what's going on in your organization.

Put Members' Only Content In A
Password Protected Part Of Your Site

From meeting minutes, to training videos, and membership directories… if you can put it on a WordPress page, it can be protected by MemberMouse. Plus, you can create personalized experiences for your members with our SmartTag features without writing a single line of code.

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Let Your Members Manage Their
Accounts Entirely On Their Own

Running your non-profit or association takes up enough of your time as it is! With MemberMouse, you can cut down on the time you spend on customer support with our automated member management features. That gives you more time to focus on your most meaningful work.

Looking For Inspiration?
Here's The Perfect Podcast

anne janzer subscription marketing

A Bold New Way To Grow Your Membership with Anne Janzer

“If you start to say, ‘I'm going to form closer relationships with my members and see where that takes me,' you have an opportunity to be much more creative with your business & marketing as well.”

More Helpful Features
You're Going To Love


Automated Overdue Payment Handling

Capture dues & fees you’d otherwise lose forever. And choose to restrict access for overdue accounts.


Complete Design
Control & Flexibility

Match the design of your site to your existing organization styling. You’re in full control over how things look.


Connect Your Tech
Stack With Zapier

Integrating the other tools you use in your non-profit or association is as easy as 1… 2… Zap!

The Ladies Working Dog Group trusts MemberMouse
to power their international community organization

“MemberMouse is integral to our organization. We’ve been working with it since the beginning and it’s been amazing! We use it for all our subscriptions and nearly every transaction. The reporting function allows me to measure and track stats like daily revenue and churn which is very helpful.”
Jo Perrott
Founder of LWDG

MemberMouse Plays Nicely With...

Online Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely
But With MemberMouse, You're Never Alone

Our industry leading support is available 7 days a week – 9 AM to 5 PM PST – to help you build your health and wellness empire. We pride ourselves on our personable and detail-oriented service. Our support suite is one of the most extensive in our industry, and the high level of documentation demonstrates our commitment to helping you achieve success with our software.


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"The responses I got to my pre-sales questions were extremely and
unexpectedly thorough. The person responding clearly knows the
product and knows exactly what I asked about. They’re a huge plus to
your business, having the ability to respond quickly in that level of detail."
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Tim S.
MemberMouse Customer
association membership site

The American Swimming Coaches Association uses MemberMouse to serve a community of 11,000+ coaches

“With MemberMouse, the ASCA has successfully automated numerous processes and repetitive items that used to be manual tasks for someone in the membership department. This has freed up a lot of time for the team and allowed us to focus our efforts on more important and impactful work. We are able to handle annual billing, certification courses, access to our publications, a customizable members’ area and get business metrics all through MemberMouse.”
American Swimming
Coaches Association