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TrainingBeta uses MemberMouse to
sell world-class rock climbing courses

"We tried a lot of different subscription platforms before landing on MemberMouse, and none of them really came close to what this one has to offer. By including a subscription service, we’ve increased our sales by about 500% over the past year (woohoo!)"
neely quinn
Neely Quinn
Founder of TrainingBeta

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Design, Build, and Sell Your Course With Our Built-In LMS

Our Courses for MemberMouse extension gives you a powerful learning management system. Now you can easily build your course, offer quizzes and certificates, track student progress, and more!

membership site content library
drip content membership

Schedule the Release of New Modules & Lessons with Drip Content Features

Want your members to get access to a new course module, instructional video, or lesson each week? Our drip content scheduling feature gives you full control of when people get access to your content.

Create Dynamic & Personalized Experiences For Your Students

Want to hide certain lessons? Or display a student's name on top of a page? What about creating personalized sales offers based on student activity? Do all this and more with any MemberMouse plan.

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Allow Your Existing Members
To Buy Standalone Courses

Already have a solid group of free or paid members? Give them first dibs on any new course you create and let them buy it without changing their access rights.

Looking For Inspiration?
Here's The Perfect Podcast

How Elena Mutonono Built A Successful Membership For Language Teachers

“Turning my attention to a membership site really helped me reach more people. It was an opportunity to connect with more teachers, hear their problems, and create courses that really answered their questions.”

More Helpful Features
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Create Free & Paid Memberships

A free membership can be a great way to encourage signups. If they like what they see, they can upgrade for more!


Coupon Codes &
Gifting Features

Get new members in the door with enticing discounts. Plus, allow anyone to give your membership as a gift.



Make it a breeze for your members to buy additional products. And what’s easier than one click?

Pianu uses MemberMouse to help people
around the world learn to play the piano

“When I switched to MemberMouse it was like the clouds opening up. I was like “Oh, this doesn’t have to be difficult. I don’t have to wait a week for a response to a support ticket.”
Matthew Curney
Matt Curney
Founder of Pianu

MemberMouse Plays Nicely With...

Online Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely
But With MemberMouse, You're Never Alone

Our industry leading support is available 7 days a week – 9 AM to 5 PM PST – to help you build your health and wellness empire. We pride ourselves on our personable and detail-oriented service. Our support suite is one of the most extensive in our industry, and the high level of documentation demonstrates our commitment to helping you achieve success with our software.


Tickets Resolved


Customer Satisfaction

1.5 Hours

Avg. Response Time


Support Docs & Videos

“Oh my gosh! John composed such a thorough and awesome email for me,
it even included a video training! Unbelievable. I have never received
customer support like this before. You guys are awesome!”
Michael C.
MemberMouse Customer

Angle of Attack uses MemberMouse to help aspiring pilots take to the skies

“Across the board, this software allows me to do more of what I love and less of the management type stuff. I’d rather our company be spending our time working on great products than doing menial tasks that can be automated. And, that’s exactly what MemberMouse does – it automates our membership platform so we can step back and work on what matters.”
chris palmer
Chris Palmer
Founder of Angle of Attack