Growing to 11,000 Members

MemberMouse Academy Episode 1: Growing to 11,000 Members with Special Guest Chris Palmer from AngleofAttack.com. Learn how Chris grew his membership site to 11,000 members, plus tips and tricks for scaling your own membership website. Hosted by Dan Caron and Eric Turnnessen of MemberMouse. What you’ll learn:

  • Why Uniques Products Are Ideal for Membership Sites
  • Automating Customer Support At Every Opportunity
  • How Chris Grew His Membership Site to 11,000 Members
  • Leveraging a Free Product to Get New Members
  • Moving Customers From Free to Paid Subscriptions
  • Use Lifetime Customer Value To Make Decisions
  • Why You Should Concentrate on Your Core Value

Dan Caron

Dan is a business strategy, positioning, and copywriting guy. He’s sold over 10M dollars direct to consumer over the web. Dan believes that developing high quality products that solve widespread, urgent needs is the key to business success—and that recurring revenue models are the easiest businesses to scale when you make lifetime customer value your highest priority metric. You can read Dan’s Success Guide to learn his approach to growing a membership site into 7 figures. He’s been featured in MarketingSherpa and Mixergy.

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