MM Academy EP6: 2 Million Page Views / Month

MemberMouse Academy Episode 6: In this episode, I interview Special Guest Jason Glaspey, one of the original producers of PaleoPlan.com Jason reveals how he helped bring the site to 2 Million Page Views per month, with revenues well into the six figures. He also shares some great tips on copywriting and how to continuously improve your business. A strong call overall and definitely worth watching. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in this Academy call:

  • How PaleoPlan Reached 2 Million Page Views / Month
  • How to do effective keyword research
  • How to create a sense of community and authenticity
  • Tips for writing headlines and subject lines
  • How Lifetime Customer Value is used in PPC
  • How to make your writing more compelling
  • How to drive more visits to your sales funnel
  • How to break into a new market with a new product

You can learn more about Paleo Plan and their Paleo Recipes here.

Apply to get your site reviewed: If you’d like me to critique your site as part of a MemberMouse Academy episode, please fill out this form. Normally, a critique from me would be pricey, but since I want make these critiques public, and help MemberMouse customers grow their businesses via MemberMouse Academy, I want to start doing them for free. So if you’d like me to review your site, go here and apply.

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Dan Caron

Dan is a business strategy, positioning, and copywriting guy. He’s sold over 10M dollars direct to consumer over the web. Dan believes that developing high quality products that solve widespread, urgent needs is the key to business success—and that recurring revenue models are the easiest businesses to scale when you make lifetime customer value your highest priority metric. You can read Dan’s Success Guide to learn his approach to growing a membership site into 7 figures. He’s been featured in MarketingSherpa and Mixergy.

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