How A Yoga Teacher Built Two Successful Membership Sites

How Kyle built two successful membership sites working with MemberDev & MemberMouse

While there is no magic formula for building a successful membership site, having a great idea, working with an experienced developer and building your site with a powerful membership plugin is about as close as you’ll get.

Hear Kyle Weiger from Reflexion Yoga’s tell the tale of his journey to success. Kyle’s story is so inspiring, and we are happy to share it with you.

Take it away, Kyle!
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Kyle Weiger of Reflexion Yoga and Kyleweiger.com

So in 2012 I turned 30 and I remember thinking “It's now or never man. You need to make a move.”

I wanted to start my own company. I just didn't know how, or what. I did know that I had a deep love and appreciation for the practice of yoga, and a major interest in eCommerce….So I decided to blend the 2 and start an online yoga site. I mean, how hard could it be???

I approached a designer friend of mine to help me build out a site, and at first glance everything looked great. The site could host my yoga videos and accept payments from my very limited membership base. And thus, https://reflexionyoga.com was born.

Reflexion Yoga homepage
Reflexion Yoga homepage

However, I started to run into problems when potential customers started asking questions that I just wasn't equipped to answer. They were asking if I had different membership levels (I did not), accepting PayPal vs credit cards, issuing refunds, and all kinds of things that I didn't have the knowledge to speak to confidently. I'm a yoga guy, so if you want a better Downward Dog, I can help. But if you want me to create a secure online payment portal on a website, sorry.

They were more concerned about the long-term growth of my business…not just making my website look pretty.

So, after going back and forth with my original guy, HE actually recommended that I connect with a company called MemberDev since they are the experts in membership sites. I sat down with the CEO for lunch (luckily, we both lived in Denver at the time so we could meet in person), and I could immediately tell that this guy knew what he was talking about! He was asking me questions that I had never even thought of before. Also, I got this comforting feeling knowing that they could not only build what I wanted, but they were more concerned about the long-term growth of my business…not just making my website look pretty.

Within 6 months of my engagement with MemberDev, I tripled my membership base AND the big one….my site got picked up by LivingSocial (back when online deals were much more rare) and that deal made me $12,000 in 5 days, which opened up my ad budget to grow the business further. I wish I could take credit for this, but MemberDev had suggested some HUGE changes early on that made all of this possible.

Reflexion Yoga classes
Reflexion Yoga classes page

The CEO of MemberDev let me know very politely that he wasn't a big fan of the membership software I was using at the time, and that I should really switch over to a company called MemberMouse. MemberDev had already done so much for the site by that point that I trusted them 100%, and we made the switch. Fast forward the tape to my first $12,000 week, and I realize it would have been a total nightmare without their suggestions to change to MemberMouse.

Fast forward the tape to my first $12,000 week, and I realize it would have been a total nightmare without their suggestions to change to MemberMouse.

Now, after I got reflexionyoga.com up and running to the point where I could back off and breathe a bit, I decided to focus my energy elsewhere. My next project was my own personal site – https://kyleweiger.com – and naturally I reached out to MemberDev only to brainstorm. Although Reflexion will always be special to me, this new site was my own personal brand, so I want it to be perfect.

Kyle Weiger homepage
Kyleweiger.com homepage

After a quick consultation call, I wasted no time in engaging them again to build my new site. It went something like this: Kyle builds and records content while MemberDev builds the architecture of my new course-based site. Everything came together perfectly and I launched my core product, a course called “6 Weeks to Handstand” on a WordPress site, supported by MemberMouse, built by MemberDev.

Here's the numbers….and yes, these are real:

Product Launch: Dec 28th, 2017
Courses Offered: 6 Weeks To Handstand
Cost: $175 retail price with occasional flash sales to $99
Revenue Total as of March 28, 2018 (the day I'm writing this): $77,597

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that MemberDev completely changed the trajectory of my business, and my life. Here's the deal, without them, I'd be some really great Handstand Coach that no one's ever heard of. MemberDev allowed me to focus on doing what I do best, making content, while they built a fully functioning (not to mention beautiful) website. And the best thing of all is that I can now operate my site entirely on my own. They set it up in such a way that even a guy like me can get in and access all the important things that I need to change on a regular basis.

And the best thing of all is that I can now operate my site entirely on my own.

Long story short, when I met MemberDev I was a struggling yoga instructor that had barely any members on a website that barely worked. Now, I have a VERY profitable website and will spend 2018 doing what I love (teaching) in 20 cities, spanning 5 countries on 3 continents. And I owe it to the fact that I'm not stuck with the burden of trying to build my own site. Thank you MemberDev. Your website expertise and overall eye for business got me to where I am today!

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