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TRADEPRO Academy uses MemberMouse to help thousands
of ambitious learners become professional traders

“We use MemberMouse to provide our members with paid access to courses, webinar recordings, and trading tools. Our membership has grown over 500% in 2 years and we have the confidence we can scale to much higher levels with the reliability of MemberMouse.”
George Papazov TradePro Academy
George Papazov
Founder of TRADEPRO Academy

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Sell Both Standalone Courses &
Recurring Membership Products

Do you have an Intro to Options Trading course you want everyone to buy before joining your monthly membership? Good news! You can create both one-time purchase & recurring products with MemberMouse.

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Schedule the Release of New Lessons
& Modules with Drip Content Features

While your students might be eager to skip ahead to advanced candlestick pattern analysis, you want them to have the proper foundation. With our drip content features, you can control when students get access to new content.

Create A Private Community Area
Where Your Members Can Connect

Sometimes the best learning happens outside the course and inside the community. With dynamic content protection features, you can protect a private forum and create a space for these breakthroughs to happen.

Get Access To Critical Metrics
You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Imagine making a trade without any data. Crazy, right? The same applies to growing your membership site. With our Advanced Reporting Suite, you get crucial metrics like Lifetime Customer Value, Churn & Retention, and Sales by Product so you can make strategic and profitable decisions.

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How To Double Your Lifetime Customer Value & Triple Revenue

“Through this one simple thing — the LCV tool — we developed an entirely new strategy to reach our clients. I'm happy to say that since then, we've tripled our revenue and doubled our lifetime customer value.”

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Combine With Courses For MemberMouse

Gone are the days when you need an extra plugin to sell your courses. Now you can do it all with our built-in LMS!


Free & Paid

Want to give your people a sneak peek of your membership? Create a trial to encourage new sign ups.



Make it a breeze for your members to buy additional products. And what’s easier than one click?

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Folllow The Money uses MemberMouse to give their members the tools, education, and research they need to become better investors

"I'm so glad we found MemberMouse. It's the perfect fit for our business and has made running our membership much easier than it was before. Plus, the Lifetime Customer Value, Churn & Retention, and Sales by Product reports give us the critical metrics we need to profitably run our business."
Jerry Robinson
Founder of Follow The Money

MemberMouse Plays Nicely With...

Online Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely
But With MemberMouse, You're Never Alone

Our industry leading support is available 7 days a week – 9 AM to 5 PM PST – to help you build your health and wellness empire. We pride ourselves on our personable and detail-oriented service. Our support suite is one of the most extensive in our industry, and the high level of documentation demonstrates our commitment to helping you achieve success with our software.


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"John has gone out of his way to be incredibly helpful in resolving our complex issue.
The way you all handle support tickets is unlike any other service I have opened tickets with.
We’ll continue to be loyal customers for years to come. Thank you John, you saved my butt!"
john b
John B.
MemberMouse Customer

OptionAlpha uses MemberMouse to deliver world-class financial education to over 30,000 people in 42 different countries

“MemberMouse paid for itself the moment I installed it and serves as our complete one-stop-shop for membership levels, checkout and upsells, recurring billing, course and product access and so much more.
Our business couldn’t run without it.”
Kirk DuPlessis
Founder of Option Alpha