Sell Digital & Physical Products

Courses, eBooks, supplements… you can sell it all with ClickBank.

Full Payment Processor Capabilities

No merchant accounts needed to get started with ClickBank.

Leverage A Network Of Affiliate Marketers

Find an engaged community of marketers eager to promote your products.

Optimized Checkout Process

Take the guesswork out with ClickBank’s conversion optimized checkout.

Pitch Plus Upsell Flow Support

Put the power of 1-click upsells to work on your site with this feature.

Create Custom Confirmation Pages

Design your own confirmation pages for purchases made through ClickBank.

Local Currency Tracking

Track the currencies your customers use whether they pay in £’s, €’s, or ₹’s.

Coupon Tracking Support

Get complete visibility into all the coupons your customers have used.

Partial Refund Capabilities

Now you have full control over how you handle your refund requests.

Instant Notification Service 7.0

Get play-by-play notifications of every transaction on your site.

Instant Payment Notification Log

Keep track of all the notifcations sent to MemberMouse by ClickBank.

Multi-Line Item Transactions

Let your customers purchase as many items as they want from you at once.

Flexible Content Protection

Easily display different content on any post or page, based on membership level.

Custom Member Dashboards

Give your customers a protected area where they can access any product they've purchased.

Targeted Sales Messaging

Customize your marketing messages based on each user’s purchase history.

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This article goes into detail about all the tools and features you can put to work for your business.

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André Chaperon

I found MemberMouse, gave it a try, and it was just like love at first sight. It felt so different from the other options out there. Plus, it worked with ClickBank which we use for our business. When I found out you had full support for ClickBank's new IPN, I said to myself,. "Oh yeah! Thank God."

Ali Jafarian

"We build enterprise level membership sites and apps for our customers. MemberMouse is the only membership plugin on the market that can provide the flexibility, extension and functionality that we need. It's a core part of our development stack."

Rory McCracken

"I've been building WordPress sites for around 10 years and have worked with all the leading contenders. Out of all the options available, I find MemberMouse to be the most intuitive to work with, the most reliable, and definitely to have the best support. I have thrown a lot of odd questions at you guys over the years and you consistently deliver. So MemberMouse is always my #1 choice when recommending a membership plugin to a new client."

Ryan & Cathi Murray

"We chose to use MemberMouse after a strong recommendation from a team of trusted engineers. Having worked with membership plugins for several years prior to MemberMouse, we were immediately pleased with it. The workflow, stability, and end-result our clients are achieving has made it our go-to for membership integration when designing and developing WordPress websites."

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