ClickBank & MemberMouse Integration

Looking for a WordPress membership plugin that works seamlessly with ClickBank? You’re in luck! MemberMouse has a direct integration with ClickBank that lets you put all its powerful features to work for your online business.

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"I found MemberMouse, gave it a try, and it was just like love at first sight. It felt so different from the other options out there. Plus, it worked with ClickBank which we use for our business. When I found out you had full support for ClickBank's new IPN, I said to myself, 'Oh yeah! Thank God.'"
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André Chaperon
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How ClickBank Works with MemberMouse

1. Sell Products & Collect Payments with ClickBank

ClickBank is an online marketplace, shopping cart, and payment processor all rolled into one. With it, you can create, promote, and sell nearly any kind of digital or physical product.

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Protect WordPress Membership Content

2. Deliver Protected Content with MemberMouse

After someone buys your product through ClickBank, you can use MemberMouse to deliver that content to them in a protected member's area on your WordPress website.

3. Manage Members & Maximize Revenue

From there, MemberMouse makes it easy to manage accounts, track engagement, process refunds, and more. You can even dynamically promote additional products to your customers to increase profits.

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Combine the Power of ClickBank & MemberMouse

Instant Notification Service 7.0

Get play-by-play notifications of every transaction on your site.

Multi-Line Item Transactions

Let your customers purchase as many items as they want from you at once.

Complete Coupon Tracking Support

Get complete visibility into all the coupons your customers have used.

Pitch Plus Upsell Flow Support

Put the power of 1-click upsells to work on your site with this feature.

Partial Refund Capabilities

Take full control over how you process your refund requests.

Create Custom Confirmation Pages

Design your own confirmation pages for purchases made through ClickBank.

Instant Payment Notification Log

Keep track of all the notifcations sent to MemberMouse by ClickBank.

Local Currency Tracking Support

Track the currencies your customers use whether they pay in £’s, €’s, or ₹’s.

Optimized Checkout Process

Use ClickBank’s conversion optimized checkout to maximize profits.

Want to Learn More?

You can get all the details of our powerful ClickBank integration in this in-depth article. Click the button below to learn more.