2024 Support Stats

5,400+ Questions Answered
98% Customer Satisfaction
1.25 hours Avg. Response Time
765+ Support Docs & Videos

“Fast, easy and very polite!!”

- Robert P

“Very quick very professional, and very understandable.”

- Sandrine D

“Exceptional service beginning to end (on a complicated issue).”

- Shawn T

“Joshua was great. He was very patient in helping me resolve my issue. Having the step by step videos were awesome as I was able to follow them easily.”

- Mary B

“Great support and speedy response, even on the weekend :)”

- Cornelis R

“Amazing customer service”

- Joseph A

“I love the MemberMouse support team. They not only help with what I initially ask but also keep their eyes open for other problems they see and then recommend solutions. They are the most proactive support team I've had experience with. It's why I remained with MemberMouse when my son recently tried to convince me to simplify and transition over to Teachable. The new Courses option was also a huge help in making that decision easier.”

- Bill I.

“Very grateful for the answers and support.”

- Jemima H

“You guys were great!! Thank you for the fantastic support!!”

- John M

“Always the best.”

- Cory

“Exceptional support through a difficult bug. Thank you!”

- Emsono

“Easy solution and fixed right away.”

- Stefanie

“Super good support. Really appreciate it!”

- Lon C

“Joshua was amazing and fast but took the time to educate me along the way.”

- Kevin M

“John was very quick to respond and helped me with all my questions. Outstanding service! Thank you.”

- Sue D

“Got to hand it to you all. MemberMouse has one of the best support teams I've ever come across. Each one of you has been very, very helpful and supportive. Thank you!”

- Sean R

“Gregory was a wonderful support, very patient and helpful with our needs.”

- CTO Reception

“John went above and beyond to help me set up. Excellent customer service!!”

- Kerryanne

“It's very good to know I can rely on you for good support, unlike with some online providers!”

- Victor T

“The service was excellent, I was quickly routed to where I was supposed to make the change.”

- Luis N

“John Rahm was outstanding. Quick response. Fast solutions. Friendly. Made a bad situation much better. Thank you for the professionalism and caring about my issue.”

- Mike C

“The team who had helped us was great! They were expert on their fields of specialty! To mention Joshua and John's customer service is absolutely EXCELLENT!”

- Leely

“On my whole career I have never got such a good response for a pre-customer experience. Thank you very much!! I'm going to acquire your service very soon!! Thanks again”

- Kyle D

“John is AWESOME! I would not be where I am today with MemberMouse without him.”

- Patricia G

“You guys are great!”

- Aron K

“It was an amazing customer service experience. Prompt responses, kind words, I felt like a VIP customer – thank you so much.”

- Csaba B

“Thanks so much for taking the time to give me a detailed response with all the information I needed!”

- Meghan G

“A huge thank you to John for taking the time to show me via recorded video how the MemberMouse core pages work. You were very patient with this non-technical gal!”

- Deana

“Very impressed with your support team! Thank you very much to ALL of them!”

- Dianne

I'm so thankful, for this excellent help and feedback I received. For me it was life changing!

- Willy M

The responses I got to my pre-sales questions were extremely and unexpectedly thorough. The person responding clearly knows the product and knows exactly what I asked about. They're a huge plus to your business, having the ability to respond quickly in that level of detail.

- Tim S

The MemberMouse staff is always understanding, patient, and thorough. Keep up the great work!

- Nick N

Very great! Joshua is responsible, answer each question and give me trust because if you support is incredibly pre sales, should be same when I buy. I will buy your plugin and I love Joshua. Thank you!

- Polittalogo

Wow. That is five star customer service. Thank you galactically!

- Lisa C

I wanted to let you know I worked with Joshua using MM for the basis for a customer portal for our home remodeling business to help keep customers informed while we deal with this global supply chain slow-down. Before we even spent a dime he was very kind, courteous and went well out of his want to be helpful. We had a complete, working solution with MM. Thank you very much.

- Frank

Thank you all so very much! My issue was successfully resolved thanks to the amazing tech support that helped me fix the issue. I am extremely grateful for his support.

- Mjs

Cynthia, I just wanted to thank you warmly for the time you took to chat with me.
Please extend my gratitude to Eric too.

I’m currently up to a major turnaround both in the extension of my work and in my way of living.
My conversations with both of you had the effect of a thousand candles in a dark room.

- Francois K

Quick response, well explained.

- Kolbein S

John was very insightful and helped us resolve an issue that would have been very difficult for us to figure out without his help.

- Katrina

Joshua went above and beyond to help me with my issue, couldn't thank him enough.

- Christian C

Thank you for your response! Your customer support is truly outstanding!

- Irina P

I got great quality service. I will use this service again.

- Luis N

Sara was very helpful and clear in her explanation, I appreciate it!

- Stacy S

Joshua was excellent! Thank you for providing such great support!

- Stacey P

Joshua is an amazing helper! He provided great support for me and explained a lot about how MemberMouse works.

- Rena G

Sara helped give us thorough and actionable resolutions to our issue. Thank you so much for your help!

- Dana D

John is the best customer support person in the history of customer service. He stuck with me for more than a year – trying to troubleshoot a really difficult issue. We finally got it resolved – after several site redesigns, numerous calls (including on his days off), and hours of investigation (not to mention days of user video watching). It's over. Thanks JR!

- Austin B

Fast response and Gregory did exactly what I wanted right away without jumping through hoops.

- Maverick M

Quick response and great suggestion that helped me fix the problem. Very happy with the level of support I received!

- Stacey P

Thank you all for an amazing service.

- Rabia H

100% perfect help! Thanks.

- Michael W

Joshua took over whenever he saw my emails and Sara wasn't available. He was thorough and friendly and very helpful.

- Donna B

The support was very quick to come through and clear, thank you.

- Clare

Just nice to know there is a team of experts ready to help.

- Colin C

I REALLY REALLY appreciate what you did and are doing!

I will do some bit of testing and make a decision. I do appreciate a ton that you're being so honest with me.
Thanks a lot!!!

MemberMouse fan forever 🤩
Top of the notch support

- Melanie L

John has gone out of his way to be incredibly helpful in resolving our complex issue. This isn't the first time he has gone out of his way to be friendly & helpful. The way you all handle support tickets is unlike any other service I have opened tickets with. We'll continue to be loyal customers for years to come. Thank you John, you saved my butt!

- John B

Excellent support. Response was timely and detailed. Very happy. Thanks 🙂

- Ben

I've had a couple of experiences with MemberMouse support now and you guys have always gone above and beyond in solving my problem. I really appreciate it.

- Ed S

John’s support was OUTSTANDING…. I’m super stoked to get going with maximizing our potential with all of the things that we can create with MemberMouse. Truly – even if I had the bandwidth (and the patience!) right now, I’d have never been able to figure out all of the things that he taught me today.

- Kate V

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