2020 Support Stats

10,893+ Tickets Resolved
96% Customer Satisfaction
90 min Avg. Response Time
675+ Support Docs & Videos

Great support. The person I interacted with was very thorough in their explanation and provided a timely response. Very happy with the support I received.

- Mike

Great response. Exactly what I needed. Thanks as always!

- Tanya

John’s support was OUTSTANDING…. I’m super stoked to get going with maximizing our potential with all of the things that we can create with Membermouse. Truly – even if I had the bandwidth (and the patience!) right now, I’d have never been able to figure out all of the things that he taught me today.

- Kate V

Always professional, friendly and helpful!

- Victoria

Pretty quick response and great effort taken to resolve my issues.

- Stacie B

John was excellent. Very helpful and was willing to stick it out until my issue on the site was resolved. We’d still have issues with the site if it weren’t for John. Thanks so much!

- Greg C

Amazing support for first time users. Thanks Matt!

- Orson T

The video was very helpful… like 10X learning speed on my part!

- Michal N

Sara was very patient with me!

- April C

Oh my gosh! John composed such a thorough and awesome email for me, it even included a video training! Unbelievable. I have never received customer support like this before. You guys are awesome!

- Michael C

Just terrific support as well as well-written articles and videos. I am very impressed. My client has purchased the product and we are in the process of creating an implementation plan. Thank you!

- Frederick D

I’ve been selling online for years and I gotta say I LOVE Member Mouse. You guys are terrific really. The documentation, videos, email support, etc are great and I hope you guys stay around for a LONG time!

- Bo C

I’ve got more than expected. Thank you, Sara and MM team!

- Jose L

Lonnie was awesome at helping me brainstorm some ideas to give my customer a free month in these challenging times. Thank you guys for the fast response.

- Tim

Y’all went above and beyond on this. I am so grateful the lengths y’all went to in making sure my site was working. And the ZOOM chat was phenomenal!

- Rigel T

Sara has been phenomenal in helping me work through my tech challenges the last few weeks.

- Gabrielle M

John has been a breath of fresh air in the area of technical support and I have been on the web since 1994 helping numerous large and small clients on the web since then! Thanks to his expertise and technical knowledge he provided a solution to a problem that our website has been struggling with for months now. No one seemed to be able to figure out this major issue that would continually crash our website. John stepped up and assisted in trying to resolve this perplexing issue. It does seem to be working, but whether or not we have the problem again John is a winner. He is an asset to MemberMouse and because of him my loyalty level to MemberMouse is set in stone. 5 stars for John and Membermouse!

- Regina D

Wonderful help and support. Quick, efficient, and very helpful. Thank you!

- Kathleen G

John was excellent. He got to the source of the problem, escalated and resolved it in a few days, keeping me in the loop the whole time. Give him a bonus or raise or promotion, I’ve never had this good support ever.

- Rami N

As always, a superior support experience. You guys rock!

- Grant B

Excellent Support, went above and beyond to help me resolve the issue. Very happy user.

- Bambi C

Amazing support and love MemberMouse for my new membership site 🙂 thank you so much

- Stephanie

Super detailed & helpful answers. Very much appreciated.

- Jason W

I find it pretty difficult to search for the answers through the online documentation and forums, so I feel like I’ve had to write in with questions more than I should. HOWEVER, all of my contact with your support team has been absolutely top notch and I will definitely keep recommending MM to my clients and colleagues! THANK YOU!

- Brandon H

I am loving MemberMouse 🙂 I’m so excited to launch my membership site and love MemberMouse features. Also love that it works with Divi theme.

- Stephanie C

Perfect support!

- Luk H

John goes way way above and beyond to support and make sure you have everything you need – I’ve never experienced SAAS support as good as this!

- Ben

I love my interactions with Cindy, very helpful and understanding always

- Glenn D

John is absolutely fantastic, went the extra miles, very helpful and want to say your support team is absolutely great.

- Paz

Cynthia was so wonderful. So efficient, so helpful and with good humour.

- Shannon F

Many many thanks! Lonnie got us up and running again promptly and we really appreciate that. Like, really!

- Bill E

Quick response, even over the weekend, and quick followups!

- Daniel P

Very impressed! Fast and complete. Great people, just excellent product support.

- Curtis F

Lonnie saved me from going in a crazy loop of wondering what was creating the issues with my membership site. Grateful for his kindness and patiences.

- Sarah

I never had support like your support. Sara gave me the feeling that you really care about your people. She took the time to explain things to me in a very pleasant way. I’m totally blown away by her fantastic way of taking care of my questions and problems. Thanks Sara and MM.

- Willy M

The support has been fantastic. Your team have helped me work through many tricky problems (many of which were a result of my own incompetence!)

- Will O

The support we’ve been provided has been top notch. Most of the time, I am doing something wrong but the support personnel are so empathetic and never talk down to me. I feel like they truly want to help me to be successful.

- Ben R

You have not only the best platform, but the best customer service I have seen with a company. I improved the customer relationships of my company by modeling it after yours. Thanks so much! It was exemplary.

- Gene C

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