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How Hayley Quinn Runs Her Successful Dating Membership Site

We're back and excited to share a new Customer Success Story with you.

In this edition, you'll get to know Hayley Quinn — an awesome online entrepreneur from across the pond. You'll get a “behind the scenes” look at how she runs her successful dating membership site, overcomes entrepreneurial obstacles, manages her time, and much more.

Let's dive in!

Meet Hayley Quinn

haley quinn dating coach

Hayley Quinn

Dating Coach & Entrepreneur


Hayley Quinn is a top dating coach and online entrepreneur who lives in London. She’s used MemberMouse for several years to build a robust membership site and create an engaged online community.

Hayley helps her members learn to love dating through online courses, exclusive workshops, personal coaching, and private member forums. We spoke with her about her membership site and some key aspects of her journey in hopes to inspire others on the path.

hayley quinn online dating coach

How To Hurdle Obstacles Like An Olympian

One thing we asked Hayley about is how she moves through the challenges we all face as online entrepreneurs:

“Being an entrepreneur sometimes feels like you're hurdling obstacles! I started my business because I had a passion for coaching but along the way I've had to learn a lot about building and maintaining websites. There's always that moment where you're launching a new product and checkout breaks, or your site goes down, or you have to fight a new google algorithm update. My only breakthrough has been remaining (relatively) calm when things aren't going well, sticking at it and believing in my content.”

We love that!

When our content carries us and attracts an audience, we can experience unforeseen benefits. Hayley says:

“Having a digital base to my business has really helped us to ride out the challenging year that 2020 has been for many small businesses like our own. I'm really happy that we diversified our revenue streams early on, and created a really cool online community in the process.”

hayley quinn membership site

Time Management, Community, & Staying In Bed

One of the disciplines you need to master when as a business owner is time management. Hayley offers some words of wisdom on this topic:

“As a ‘mumpreneur’ I would like to think I'm a master at scheduling and doing things with only one hand free. I book everything into my Google Calendar: whether that's calls (which I cluster onto a couple of days a week), writing my blog, or taking my baby boy to the park. Except on Sundays where I turn my phone off.”

Building community is one of the keystones of most membership sites, and we are always interested in what that means to our members. Hayley defines community as: “A supportive space where we can experience a connection to people on a similar journey to ourselves.”

hayley quinn membership site example

Hayley shared an unexpected fruit of her membership site journey, and describes her favorite thing about owning her own business:

“I have always loved coaching and meeting people in real life. I'm a quality time person, but I've realized through membership sites you can actually have this experience online too. Before I had my son, it may have been the lie-in's! Now I love the fact I can do something I really believe in and care about, which can fit around me also being a full-time mum.”

Wrapping Up

Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom with us Hayley! We are so excited to offer your story in hopes to inspire others on the path of creating their own membership site. If you enjoyed this article, we have a feeling you’ll like some of our other customer success stories.

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If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you’d like to share with us, leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Melissa McConnell

Melissa McConnell works on our Customer Relationships team here at MemberMouse. She's a visionary artist and mother from the Pacific Northwest who loves to inspire others to live their joy and share their truest offering with the world.

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