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Can I use a 3rd party checkout form?

Using a 3rd party checkout form is possible with MemberMouse. When you decide to use a 3rd party checkout form you're also taking on the responsibility of implementing things that the MemberMouse checkout form takes care of for you. The things that become your responsibility when using a 3rd party checkout form are:

  1. Implementing the form to collect the data

  2. Performing any data validation

  3. Passing data to MemberMouse via the API on form submission

  4. Ensuring the entire process is PCI compliant and all data is secure

In order to pass data collected on the 3rd party checkout form to MemberMouse, you'll use the createMember or purchaseBundle API call method.

Important note about who handles payment

If you're collecting data via a 3rd party form it is possible that you could also have a 3rd party handle the billing and therefore not need to pass credit card information onto MemberMouse. If you do this, MemberMouse will only be used for granting access to content as it will have no knowledge of any payments and subscriptions.

When payments are being processed by a 3rd party, all things that MemberMouse can handle with regards to billing won't be available. The things that won't be available in this case is any financial reporting, transaction history, ability to issue refunds, ability to manage and cancel subscriptions, automated overdue payment handling, payment-related push notifications and more.

In order to keep MemberMouse from requiring payment information when using the createMember call, you will need to setup free Membership Levels for your products.  Since under normal circumstances visiting the Checkout Core Page directly will allow a user to setup an account under the default free membership level, you will want to setup new membership levels to add your protected content to, instead of adding your protected content to the default free membership level setup when MemberMouse is installed.

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