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Frequently asked questions about MemberMouse


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Self-resolution steps for common issues

Affiliate Settings

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Native and integrated affiliate and channel tracking solutions

Checkout Settings

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Support docs for checkout core page and related features

Content Protection

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Explore the robust content protection features

Core Pages

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Core pages are the dynamic foundation of your public-facing MemberMouse site

Developer Tools

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Native MemberMouse developer tools allow you to extend functionality both outside and inside of your WordPress website

Push Notifications

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Send external emails or internal notifications based on member events, trigger Zaps or call a custom script.

Email Settings

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Support docs for email integrations and internal MemberMouse emails


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Add-on extensions that provide extra functionality to MemberMouse

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Integrations and add-ons created by 3rd party providers to work with MemberMouse

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Documentation for the functionality found in the General Settings menu of MemberMouse

Manage Members

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Find out more about the features that help you provide the best service for your members

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Support docs for payment method integrations and troubleshooting

Product Settings

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Learn more about products, membership levels, bundles and coupons used to sell and protect content


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All you need to use MemberMouse SmartTagsā„¢ with ease


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Details for all the reports found in the Logs section of MemberMouse


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MemberMouse reports give you insights into various aspects of your site


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General articles about setting up your membership site for success

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How to use MemberMouse forms on non-licensed sites


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