CorePage Link SmartTag (MM_CorePage_Link)

This tag outputs the link to a core page based on the type attribute passed.

In order to become a functional link, this tag should be used in conjunction with a anchor tag (<a>), a button tag (<button>) or some other method of executing a link. For certain core page types, this link is dynamically generated based on the account information of the logged in member.

For example, you can create a different home page for each membership level, the core page link of type ‘homepage' will automatically output the appropriate URL based on your configuration and the account information of the logged in member.


type – Indicates the type of core page link to output. Below is a list of acceptable values:

loginOutputs the URL of the login page
logoutOutputs the URL of the logout page
homepageOutputs the URL of the home page associated with the logged in member
forgotpasswordOutputs the URL of the forgot password page
resetpasswordOutputs the URL of the reset password page and appends a unique, encrypted reset validation key assuring the user is truly the owner of the account and can safely reset their password.
myaccountOutputs the URL of the my account page
savethesaleOutputs the URL of the save-the-sale page associated with the logged in member

autoLogin (optional) – When this is set to ‘true' a login token will be appended to the URL so that when a member clicks on it they will be automatically logged in. The default value is ‘false'.

<a href="[MM_CorePage_Link type='homepage' autoLogin='true']">Go to your homepage</a>

<a href="[MM_CorePage_Link type='login']">Click here to login</a>
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