Custom Fields Overview

What is a Custom Field?

If you wish to collect and store additional information from your customers, you can add custom fields. For example, if you're running a weight loss program, you may want to collect a customer's current and target weight.

When members enter their information into custom fields it will optionally show up on the member's My Account page and in the member details area which you can access from the Manage Members screen. Read this article to learn more about viewing a member's details.

Managing Custom Fields

In the MemberMouse menu go to Checkout Settings and then click on the Custom Fields tab. Here you will be able to quickly see the details associated with each custom field you have created. Consult the Custom Field Columns table below to learn more.

Custom Field Columns
NameThis is the name of the custom field.
TypeThis is the type of the custom field. Possible values are Check Box, Drop Down, Long Text, Radio Buttons and Short Text.
My Account PageThe ‘green check' icon indicates that this field will be displayed on the member's My Account page where they'll be able to edit it at any time.
Form SmartTagClicking the ‘blue tag' button will pop up a dialog where you can copy a SmartTag to insert in a Checkout form or Custom form in order to collect custom field data.
ActionsThe icons under this column allow you to edit or delete a custom field.

Edit – Click this to edit the custom field. Read this article to learn more about editing custom fields.

Delete – Click this to delete the custom field. If the ‘grey trashcan' icon is displayed this means that the custom field cannot be deleted. Read this article to learn more about deleting custom fields.
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