By default, WordPress automatically converts double line-breaks in text into HTML paragraph tags (<p>...</p>). This may be fine in some cases, but when working with SmartTags it usually produces undesired results. When a page or post that contains SmartTags is processed by MemberMouse, all of the SmartTags are removed and replaced with the appropriate content, so we don't want any residuals left behind indicating that they were there in the first place. To keep WordPress from automatically inserting extra lines, we recommend installing the Raw HTML plugin.

Follow the steps below to keep extra lines from being added to your pages:

  1. Install and activate the Raw HTML plugin.
  2. Go to the page or post where you want to disable automatic line spacing and on the right hand side you'll see a module entitled Raw HTML.

  3. Check off all of the options in this module.

  4. Click the  button to save the settings.

Now when you visit this page, WordPress won't automatically insert any extra lines.