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Form Field SmartTag™ (MM_Form_Field) – Login form

This tag is used in conjunction with the MM_Form tag. It outputs form fields that the user can interact with to enter in data.


Available field types and other attributes will vary based on the parent form type. This article deals with the attributes and usage examples for the login form type.

  • type (optional) – Indicates the type of form field to create. ‘input' is the only acceptable value and is also the default value. Form fields of type ‘input' output a standard HTML form element that the user can interact with to enter in information. Based on the value ‘name' attribute MemberMouse will render the appropriate HTML form element.

  • name – Indicates what data is being collected in the field. Below is a table of acceptable values.
usernameCollects the member's username
passwordCollects the member's password
rememberMeOutputs a checkbox allowing the member to specify whether they want the site to remember them so they don't have to login in again then next time they come back.
  • label (optional) – This field is optional when the field ‘name' is set to ‘rememberMe'. It specifies the label to output next to the remember me checkbox. The default value is ‘Remember Me'.

  • customAttributes (conditional based on field type[MM2.4.1+] – This field is optional for ‘input' fields. This attribute can be used to add additional HTML attributes to the HTML input field generated by MemberMouse. Whatever is set in this attribute will be added to the HTML verbatim. For example, if you do the following:
[MM_Form_Field name='username' customAttributes='placeholder="Your User Name"']

The following HTML will be generated:

<input type="text" id="log" name="log" class="mm-field" placeholder="Your User Name">
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