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MemberMouse Consultation & Implementation Services

Here are our current in-house options to connect with our MemberMouse Product Wizards:

Phone consultationFlex Time consulting
45 minutes of a one-on-one phone / Zoom5 hours of solutions consulting.**
Can be used for:

In-depth tech support;
Big picture overview of concepts and best practices; or
General consultation
Can be used for any combination of setup, training, implementation, troubleshooting or general consultation.

Time is registered in 15-minute increments.

Use in a block or separately anytime. Forever.

**Additional consultation hours can be bought in 5 hour increments.
Purchase now for $69
You can Purchase now for $425 OR Click here to
Schedule a Project Assessment Call

For complete site development and other services such as site maintenance and marketing insights, click here to access a complete list of our recommended implementation partners. 

If you have one (or two) one-off projects, we've developed a partnership with the WordPress freelancer resource Codeable to assist you in finding the most competent developer for your needs.

Start a Project with Codeable and Get a Free Estimate

Got a MemberMouse customization project? Codeable is a service that connects you exclusively with pre-vetted freelance WordPress developers who can complete projects of all sizes with guaranteed quality. They have a thorough application process to ensure that you are matched with experts specifically qualified to work with MemberMouse and WordPress. Ultimately, you get to choose the developer based on Codeable's recommendations. 

Pricing is $80-$120 per hour and estimates are based on # of hours, complexity and urgency.


  • One-time or ongoing projects
  • 530+ pre-vetted WordPress experts at your service
  • Helped 16,000+ customers with customization projects
  • Free estimate with no obligation to hire
  • 28-day warranty period for bug fixing
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