Order Data SmartTag™ (MM_Order_Data)

This tag outputs data associated with an order that was just placed. Order Data SmartTags can only be used on confirmation core pages and push notifications associated with payment events.


name – Indicates what type of data to output from the order. Below is a list of acceptable values:

idOutputs the order ID
totalOutputs the order total
subtotalOutputs the order subtotal
discountOutputs the amount of the discount applied to the order
nextBillingDateOutputs the next billing date of a subscription
shippingOutputs the shipping cost charged on the order
productIdOutputs the ID of the product associated with the order
productNameOutputs the name of the product associated with the order
couponCodeOutputs the coupon code applied to the order
giftLinkIf the order is associated with a product that was purchased as a gift, this will output the link that a customer can use to redeem the gift.

Could be used in conjunction with the MM_Order_Decision SmartTag to ensure the link is only displayed if a gift was purchased (i.e. MM_Order_Decision isGift='true'…/MM_Order_Decision).

Note: This particular attribute can only be used on confirmation pages. Including it within push notifications or attempting to access it via push notification scripts is not supported.
ipAddressOutputs the IP address of the customer who placed the order
shippingMethodOutputs the name of the shipping method associated with the order
billingAddressOutputs the billing address
billingCityOutputs the billing city
billingStateOutputs the billing state
billingZipCodeOutputs the billing zip code
billingCountryOutputs the billing country ISO code
billingCountryNameOutputs the billing country printable name
shippingAddressOutputs the shipping address
shippingCityOutputs the shipping city
shippingStateOutputs the shipping state
shippingZipCodeOutputs the shipping zip code
shippingCountryOutputs the shipping country ISO code
shippingCountryNameOutputs the shipping country printable name
affiliateIdOutputs the affiliate ID associated with the order
subaffiliateIdOutputs the subaffiliate ID associated with the order

doFormat (optional) – Set this attribute to ‘true' to indicate that the number returned should be formatted according to your site's currency settings. Set this attribute to ‘false' to indicate that the number should not be formatted. This attribute is only taken into account when the ‘name' attribute is set to ‘total', ‘subtotal', ‘shipping' or ‘discount'. The default value is ‘false'.

dateFormat (optional) – By default, dates will be output in the format: Oct 14, 2023. If you want to use a custom date format, use this attribute to specify how to format the date. Use standard PHP date format rules when defining a custom format. This attribute is only valid when the ‘name' attribute is set to ‘nextBillingDate'.

Order ID: [MM_Order_Data name='id']
Subtotal: [MM_Order_Data name='subtotal' doFormat='true']
Discount: [MM_Order_Data name='discount' doFormat='true']
Shipping: [MM_Order_Data name='shipping' doFormat='true']
Order Total: [MM_Order_Data name='total' doFormat='true'] 
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