Shipping Methods Overview

What Is a Shipping Method?

If you wish to sell physical products you will need to include various shipping methods and rates. Shipping methods allow you to easily specify a flat fee for shipping.

Managing Shipping Methods

In the MemberMouse menu go to Product Settings and then click on the Shipping Methods tab.

The screenshot below is an example of what the shipping methods will look like. Here you will be able to quickly see the names of the different shipping methods you have created, and each of their flat fees. The shipping methods tab is where you will create and delete shipping methods as well as edit existing ones.

Consult the Shipping Options table below to learn more.

Additional Resources

Read this article to learn how to create and edit shipping methods.

Read this article to learn how to set a default shipping method on your checkout forms.

Shipping Method Options
NameThe Name represents the type of shipping being offered the customer. All of the shipping Names will be included on the checkout page in a drop down menu for the customer to choose. You can hover over the ‘yellow key' icon to get the shipping method code which is used when making API calls.
RateIndicates the flat rate charged for each shipping method (should include handling). At the checkout page a customer will chose the shipping name they prefer from the drop down menu and the corresponding shipping rate will automatically be added to the total.
ActionsThe icons under this column allow you to edit or delete shipping methods.

Edit – To learn more about editing a shipping method level, see this article.

Delete – This allows you to delete a shipping method as long as it has not been used. Once a shipping method has been used the delete icon will appear grey, and can no longer be deleted.
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