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Guided Setup videos

Whether you're looking to sell tiered memberships, courses, physical products, sign members up for free, or any combination of these, our step-by-step video walkthroughs will take you from fresh install to configured site.

Comprehensive Guided Setup video

This is a step-by-step guide of setting up and using a lot of the core functionality in MemberMouse. Even though it was shot on an older version of the plugin, the training and concepts covered translate and are extremely valuable.

The Guided Setup video consists of 9 sections:

  • 00:00 Installing MemberMouse
  • 01:53 Creating a Product
  • 03:23 Creating a Membership Level
  • 06:48 Integrating with a Payment Method
  • 08:45 Selling a Product
  • 13:53 Managing Members
  • 15:20 Using Core Pages
  • 22:45 Protecting Content
  • 27:55 Using Bundles

Total Duration: 31 minutes

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Sell a Membership Level - Step-by-Step video

Ready to sell your membership? Learn how to setup the basic elements. Membership Levels function as the base access allowing users to login to their account and view any associated protected content on your MemberMouse site. Each member can only have one Membership Level added to an account at a time.

This is a step-by-step guide of setting up and selling a Membership Level.

It consists of 5 video sections:

  • 00:00 Creating a Product
  • 02:08 Creating a Membership Level
  • 05:31 Integrating a Payment Provider
  • 07:21 Selling the Membership Level
  • 12:00 Checkout and Confirmation Core Pages

Total Duration 13m 30s

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Sell a Bundle - Step-by-Step video

Bundles rock! They give you unparalleled flexibility to protect, package and sell your content. Learn how to setup the basic elements here. Bundles may be used either in conjunction with Membership Levels, or on their own. They can function as add-ons, and members can purchase unlimited Bundles on their account to gain additional access to content without losing any previous access. This makes them especially perfect for selling courses. Pretty cool, huh?

This is a step-by-step guide of setting up and selling a Bundle.

It consists of 5 video sections:

  • 00:00 Creating a Product
  • 03:00 Creating a Bundle
  • 07:29 Integrating a Payment Provider
  • 10:11 Selling the Bundle and Checkout Page
  • 16:54 Test Data and Confirmation Core Page

Total Duration 19m 30s

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Sell a Physical Product - Step-by-Step video

Did you know you can use MemberMouse to sell physical products? MemberMouse gives you the power to create products that can be associated with physical goods and have flat rate shipping costs added at the time of purchase. MemberMouse doesn’t have shopping cart functionality, so currently only one product can be purchased at a time.

This is a step-by-step guide of setting up and selling a physical product.

It consists of 6 video sections:

  • 00:00 Creating a Product
  • 02:02 Using the Default Free Membership
  • 03:21 Setting Up Shipping Options
  • 04:15 Integrating a Payment Provider
  • 06:54 Selling your Product and Checkout Page
  • 10:20 Button Styles and Confirmation Core Pages

Total Duration 14m 15s

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Free Member Signup video

There are two ways to use signup forms in MemberMouse, and both can be present on your site at the same time. The Checkout Core Page is created when MemberMouse is installed and acts as your main signup page. You can also create a free member form to sign up free members, and if you use an Email Integration with MemberMouse (like MailChimp), this can also act as a mailing list signup.

In this topic spotlight from our weekly Office Hours (you’re welcome any Friday!), all aspects of free memberships are discussed from setting up a free Membership Level to where to place and how to use signup forms.

It consists of 7 sections:

  • 00:00 Value of free memberships
  • 02:37 Default free membership level
  • 05:35 Creation of a free membership level
  • 07:09 Sign up for a free membership level through the Checkout Page
  • 08:20 Free Member Signup Form creation on any page of your site
  • 15:44 Free Member Webform for 3rd party signups
  • 19:00 Social Sign Up using Facebook

Total Duration 22m 45s

An additional helpful written resource is the article in our Knowledge Base – How do I create a member signup form?

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