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Helpful guides and tutorials to get the most out of MemberMouse

StartUp Guide

Set yourself up for success by reviewing our StartUp Guide. We'll help you get off on the right foot with a Pre-Installation Checklist, MemberMouse Overview, Glossary of Core Features and Guided Setup Videos.

MemberMouse Best Practices

We've put together a series of detailed guides to ensure you get the most out of MemberMouse. Take a look and discover best practices for everything from Collecting Members & Money, Reporting & Analytics, Customized Communication, and more!

Video Training: Master the Essentials of MemberMouse

Take a tour of MemberMouse and discover all of the powerful features you have at your disposal. We've put together 7 short videos that will quickly help you master the essentials of MemberMouse.

Migration Guide

Ready to migrate to MemberMouse? Our in-depth guide covers everything you need to know about migrating to MemberMouse from other membership platforms.

Support, Implementation & Consultation Options

With our full array of support options, from self-service to full implementation, MemberMouse has your back. No matter what your goal or how you want to accomplish it, our team is at your service!