3.0.1 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse. Please note that we always recommend completing a full backup before upgrading any plugin or theme on your site, including MemberMouse.

Summary of Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Resolved Database Upgrader Issue on Some License Types. Ensure that jQuery BlockUI is available to display the Database Upgrader dialog on Basic and some legacy plan types (GH1812)
  • Adjusted Messaging in Database Upgrader. Added a link to the relevant section of the Read This First Article to help clarify the purpose of the collation upgrade, and adjusted the default setting of this option (GH1814, GH1820)
  • Set Floor Date for Restarting Stalled Subscriptions. Local billing recognizes subscriptions that stalled in previous versions due to communications or database issues, but does not automatically restart subscriptions due to bill before 1/1/2024. These subscriptions may be manually restarted in Upcoming Payments using the Rebill Now feature (GH1815)   
  • Modified Installer to Deliver Plugin Update Notifications Faster. MemberMouse now checks for updates both at the time of activation, and during periodic license check-ins. This ensures that customers receive any available update notices soon after installation (GH1811)  
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