3.0.2 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse. Please note that we always recommend completing a full backup before upgrading any plugin or theme on your site, including MemberMouse.

Summary of Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • PHP 8 Compatibility. Addressed a PHP Warning in the affiliate integrations page. (1826)

  • Renamed Import Template. Changed the name of the downloadable Import Template to prevent confusion. (1828)

  • Prevent Errors in Hooks from Disrupting Processing. Intercept fatal errors for broken payment-related hooks and log without crashing, preventing malfunctioning third-party or custom code from interfering with the billing process. (1832)

  • Add Coupon Lookup Filter. Added a filter to coupon lookup, allowing external systems to manage coupon codes and dynamically apply MemberMouse coupons. Allow dashes in coupon codes. (1834)

  • Repair Subscriptions Damaged by Broken Hooks. Detect and repair any subscriptions that were left in an invalid state as a result of errors during the execution of payment-related hooks. (1836)

  • Dunning Cycle Timing. Resolved an issue where the last two dunning attempts processed earlier than expected. (1848)

  • Issues Changing Next Rebill Date. Resolved an issue where changing the rebill date of a subscription prevented it from billing, and adjusted default values for scheduled events to prevent similar issues going forward. (1851, 1858)

  • Update API Keys Table Definition. Adjusted the table definition to dynamically utilize the WordPress table prefix when appropriate. (1852)

  • Prevent Stripe Webhook Alerts. Resolved intermittent reports of warning emails from Stripe regarding webhook delivery issues by raising the priority of the receiver. (1861)
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