3.0.3 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse. Please note that we always recommend completing a full backup before upgrading any plugin or theme on your site, including MemberMouse.

Summary of Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Change Import Template Name. Changed the name of the downloaded import template to more accurately reflect it's contents.

  • Replace Wistia Video with YouTube. MemberMouse, the plugin and site, have changed from using Wistia to Youtube as their primary video host

  • Set Test Flags in Test Mode. Ensure that orders performed in test mode for individual payment services are marked appropriately.

  • Return Descriptive Error on Repurchase Attempt for Limited Trial Product. Resolved an issue where an attempt to repurchase a product with a limited trial using the Stripe integration resulted in a confusing error message.

  • Do Not Implicitly Load Stripe When Checking if Previously Loaded. MemberMouse checks whether third-party plugins have already loaded Stripe libraries before loading its own. Resolved an issue where the act of checking for the presence of the libraries resulted in them being loaded from an undefined source. This change helps ensure compatibility with third-party plugins that also use Stripe.

  • Modify Verbiage for MailChimp. MailChimp documentation describes email lists as Audiences. Modified the MailChimp settings page to reflect the terminology they use.

  • Update to HybridAuth 2.18.0. Updated the social login libraries used by MemberMouse.

  • Fix reCaptcha v2 Response Caching. Resolved an issue where a reCaptcha v2 solution could expire mid-checkout, resulting in payment being taken but access not being granted.

  • Hide Coupons Section if No Discount Coupons Available. Resolved an issue where the Coupons section would appear on the checkout page when no valid discount coupons are available, but an unredeemed gift exists.

  • Respect Multiple Coupon Selection in Browse Transactions Export. Resolved an issue where selecting multiple coupons in Browse Transactions search displayed the correct results, but an export would include all coupons.

  • Fix Manage Members Filter for Inactive Bundles. Fixed an issue where Manage Members search results for specific bundles would return members who previously had those bundles.

  • Do Not Schedule Rebill if Coupon Discounts All Payments to Zero. Resolved an issue where MemberMouse attempted to schedule rebills even when a discount equal to or greater than the total amount was applied to all payments.

  • Resolve AJAX Error in Affiliate Settings. Fixed an error that prevented affiliate settings from saving in certain scenarios.

  • Add Username Column to Member Export. Manage Members Export now includes columns for both username and email address.

  • Add Option to Disable Merge Tag Sync in MailChimp. By default, MemberMouse creates Merge Tags in MailChimp to represent bundle status for every Contact. As this process requires a separate MailChimp API call for each tag, it can create performance problems for sites that have a large number of bundles. Added an option to disable Merge Tag Sync.

  • Introducing Link Autofill for Stripe. Added an option to enable Link Autofill for Stripe, a service that allows purchasers to save their payment information in a secure online portal. To use Link Autofill, you must enable Link in Card Element in the Payment Methods section of your Stripe Dashboard.

  • Prevent Access Rights Reassignment for Purchased Products. MemberMouse allows you to unlock a product that has been purchased and change certain settings. Resolved an issue where it was possible to change the access rights assigned to a product by unlocking it, which leads to problems when restarting a subscription that has gone overdue.

  • Prevent Proration from Applying to Gift Purchases. Resolved an issue where proration was being applied to gift purchases. Proration is intended to compensate members for the remaining value of their subscription when they switch to a different plan, and should not be applied to gifts.

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