3.0.5 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse. Please note that we always recommend completing a full backup before upgrading any plugin or theme on your site, including MemberMouse.

Summary of Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Show all posts when adding to a Drip Content Schedule – When adding a new post to a schedule, show all available posts, not just the five most recent posts.

  • Use default WordPress session re-login popup – In cases where logged-in session to the admin panel expires or the admin is logged out, use the default WordPress login dialog instead of the MemberMouse dialog.

  • Fix broken links to example PHP scripts – Repair links to example scripts in the Create Push Notification dialog.

  • Resolve variable naming issues – Correct spelling issues in the names of several variables. No functional implications are expected.

  • Do not display Next Rebill Date if Free coupon is used – Prevent the Order Data SmartTag for next rebill date displaying data if a coupon that discounts all rebills to zero is used.

  • Reset dunning cycle when rebill date is changed – Restore behavior from previous versions of the plugin where dunning schedule is reset if next rebill date is changed on an overdue subscription.

  • Add social login callback URL display – Display callback URL for social login providers that require it, and correct an error in the URL for the Google provider.

  • Improve Upcoming Payments interface – Add tooltip to Skip Payment, add bottom controls, and improve grid performance by resolving a cache seeding issue.

  • Fix misspelling in Test Payment Service settings – Fix a spelling error in the description of Test Payment Service always-on mode.

  • Resolve issue determining whether members are active – Fix an undefined property warning and associated failure to recognized paused members as active.

  • Stripe co-badged cards compliance – Implement regulatory requirements allowing customers in the EEA to offer members the option to select their preferred network for co-badged cards.

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