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Can I Modify the MemberMouse Code?

In order to maintain the integrity of the product and our ability to provide streamlined customer support, we can not provide support for modifications to the MemberMouse code. Some versions of MemberMouse can be edited, while some can not. Specific details are listed in two sections below.

MemberMouse Versions 3.0+

In version 3.0, MemberMouse has changed to a GPL license. The code delivery mechanism was redesigned, and the obfuscated code used in previous versions was removed to make 3.0+ comply with GPL license terms. Under the GPL license, you, as the customer, have the option to modify the code of version 3.0 and above, but under the understanding that support on or around those customizations is limited.

MemberMouse Versions Before 3.0

MemberMouse versions released before 3.0 are commercially-licensed platforms. Modifications to those versions of the MemberMouse code are a violation of our End User License Agreement and Support Policy that existed at that time.

Alternatives To Modifying Code

In all versions of MemberMouse, we provide several professional-grade interfaces to allow developers to extend the functionality of the platform without introducing any bugs and editing core code. These extension methods are provided to allow our core code to be continually upgradable, tested, and enhanced while granting powerful extendability and flexibility to the user, which is the best of both worlds (i.e. reliability and extendability.)

These defined extension points include: 

If you have any questions about these extension methods, please contact our support team.

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