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Custom Decision SmartTag (MM_Custom_Decision)

This tag is used to show or hide content based on custom information associated with the current visitor.

Custom attributes are created dynamically whenever you pass querystring parameters to a URL on your MemberMouse site.

For example, if you visit this URL http://www.mydomain.com?offer=promo&source=google, MemberMouse will automatically create two custom attributes called ‘offer' and ‘source'. Now you can create dynamic areas across your site that show/hide content based on the values stored in those attributes.

There's no limit to the number of custom attributes that can be created. And once set, the values will persist across all subsequent pages visited by the user.


custom_attribute – Takes a single value or a SmartTag™ equation incorporating multiple values. You can also precede the value with a ‘!' to check if the current visitor has a value that doesn't equal the one provided.


If you use multiple attributes for a single decision, it results in an AND relationship. For example, if you write:

[MM_Custom_Decision source='google' ad='red-145']

This means, show this content if…

the source equals google


the ad equals red-145

When using the  tag, you must always include an opening and closing tag. The content between the opening and closing tags can be any valid HTML or JavaScript and it can also contain other MemberMouse SmartTags™ including other decision tags with the exception of the  itself. The  cannot be used within itself.

Here are some valid examples:

Example 1
[MM_Custom_Decision source='google']

Hi [MM_Member_Data name='firstName']!

This content is directed specifically toward visitors who came from Google Ads.

Example 2
[MM_Custom_Decision source='banner' ad='banner-green|banner-yellow']

This content is directed specifically toward visitors who clicked on a banner ad and that banner ad was 'banner-green' or 'banner-yellow'.

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