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Hide the WordPress Admin Bar from New Members

How to hide the WordPress admin bar from new members
  1. From the MemberMouse menu go to General Settings, and then click on the Other Settings tab.

  2. Scroll down to the WordPress User Options section.

  3. To instruct MemberMouse to hide the admin bar from new members, check the check box. If you leave the box unchecked whether or not the admin bar will be shown to new members will be based on settings in WordPress or another plugin.

  4. Click the Save settings button to save your settings.

NOTE: Setting this setting applies to all accounts created after enabling it. If you didn't have this option checked at some point, any accounts created during that time will see the admin bar. For these you'll need to locate the associated WordPress user account and deselect the option there. You can find this option in the WordPress dashboard > Users > Select the desired user > Uncheck box next to “Show Toolbar when viewing site”.

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