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If you already have a WordPress site but haven’t been using a membership solution prior to MemberMouse, then your current members may already exist as WordPress users in the database. If this is the case, you can easily migrate these users into MemberMouse by using the Import Wizard. Just create an import file that contains the email addresses of the users to migrate and run the import wizard. Importing is done on a per membership level basis. Users will not be able to access the member pages until imported to MemberMouse.

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The Import Wizard acts as an updater. Any information already in WordPress will be used for the new member, so to import an existing user, all that is needed is an email address. If you do enter a password into the import file for an existing user, it will be ignored.

CAUTION: Make sure that the email address(es) you have linked to your administrator account(s) and any additional employee accounts are not present in the import .csv file. If these are included, a member account will be created and admin/ employee rights will be revoked. Therefore you won’t be able to log into your WordPress admin area with that account anymore.

I. Prep your .csv file(s).

Start by going to the MemberMouse menu, go to Manage Members and click on the ‘Import Members’ button. This will take you to the Import Wizard page.

  1. Next, click the ‘Download Import Template’ button. This will prompt a .csv file download onto your computer titled: mm_import_template.csv . See what fields are included in the template.

  2. Download a new .csv file for each membership level and rename the file as the membership level to help stay organized.

  3. Open the file and add a row for each member you want to import. The column headers represent the fields that MemberMouse will recognize when importing your member’s information. All columns must be present and in the order they appear in the template for the Import Wizard to process the data correctly. Make sure not to delete any of the columns or rearrange them.

  4. Imports are done one membership level at a time so create a .csv file for each membership level you want to import members for and populate it with the appropriate member data.

PRO TIP: If you want to add additional member data not included in one of the column
headers, create a Custom Field. Then add the additional columns to the .csv file 
after the Bundle Expiration Dates column.
II. Upload your .csv file(s).

Start by returning to the Import Wizard page in MemberMouse.

  1. Then, upload the .csv import file by clicking the ‘Browse’ button and navigating to the appropriate .csv file. You can also optionally specify a URL where the .csv file is hosted.

  2. Select the membership level from the drop down menu that corresponds to the member data contain in the .csv file you selected.

  3. You can optionally choose to send a welcome email to all new members being imported by checking the box next to ‘Send welcome email to new members’. If you do choose this option, it will send the welcome email that you configured while creating the membership level.

    EXTRA: If you’re having MemberMouse automatically generate passwords, you can configure the welcome email to deliver the passwords to your members. If you want to do this, be sure to configure the welcome email template for the appropriate membership levels prior to doing an import.

  4. Click the ‘Import Members’ button.

  5. Following the import, MemberMouse will display the results of the import including what members were imported, what bundles were applied to their account and if any errors were encountered.

  6. Click the ‘Import More Members’ button to repeat the process and import additional members.
WORDPRESS TIP #1: MemberMouse integrates seamlessly with WordPress’ user system. 
This means that when a MemberMouse member is created, a WordPress user is automatically 
created as well. At that time, WordPress will send out a Change Password Email to 
those new users.

WORDPRESS TIP #2: If you import members with an email address that matches an 
existing WordPress user, then the import wizard will automatically convert them 
to MemberMouse members while keeping their original WordPress user account intact.
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