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Here's a walk-thru of the process from an Office Hours session. 

Sometimes, instead of blocking off member pages completely, you may want to allow non-members to see that content exists, and use their page access as an opportunity to offer them membership access.  You can display teaser content, giving them a small view of what they would get with membership, and/or refer them to your sales page, offering them instant access if they upgrade.

To do this you would need to use the MM_Access_Decision SmartTag.

Below is an example of how you would show teaser content and full content on the same page based on whether someone is a member or not. In the first snippet we are only showing content to non-members while the second snippet is only visible to members.

Only non-members will see the content inside these tags:

[MM_Access_Decision access='false']

Here is your teaser content.

Click here to purchase access: <a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='1']">Get Access</a>


Only members will see the content inside these tags:

[MM_Access_Decision access='true']

Here is your complete content.


IMPORTANT NOTE: As soon as you use MM_Access_Decision access='false' or MM_Access_Decision access='future' on a page/post, you're instructing MemberMouse to bypass the standard hard-block (full page) protection mechanism.

This means that as soon as you use one of these tags, any content outside of a MM_Access_Decision access=” tag, will be visible to anyone who can access the page. So, when using these SmartTags™, only the content within the SmartTags™ is protected.

Read this article to learn more about setting full page protections.

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