SmartTag™ 2.0 Equations (Legacy)

SmartTags 2.0 (Legacy)

This is a legacy version of SmartTags™ and this documentation is only maintained for those on very old versions of MemberMouse. No one who has upgraded since 2016 should be using these.

In the following examples, we'll use the MM_Member_Decision SmartTag to demonstrate how to use the SmartTag™ 2.0 equations.

Attributes that support SmartTag equations can accept values in the following formats:

  1. A single ID to specify a single value: MM_Member_Decision membershipId='1′
  2. A comma-delineated list of IDs to specify two or more values: MM_Member_Decision hasBundle='2,5,8′
  3. Preceding IDs with a ‘-‘ indicates that it should check if the member does not have that ID: MM_Member_Decision membershipId='-5′

Providing multiple IDs results in an OR relationship. For example if you write:

MM_Member_Decision membershipId='1,2,-3′

This means, show the content contained in the tag if…

the current member's membership equals 1 OR equals 2 OR does not equal 3

If you use multiple attributes for a single decision, it results in an AND relationship. For example, if you write:

MM_Member_Decision membershipId='1′ hasBundle='4′

This means, show this content if…

the current member's membership equals 1


the current member has the bundle with ID equal to 4

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