SmartTags™ are an extremely powerful feature of the MemberMouse platform.

They are a collection of useful shortcodes that you can use to do all sorts of things. See the SmartTag™ documentation to learn more about SmartTags™. The SmartWidget allows you to use MemberMouse SmartTags™ in any widget area defined by your WordPress theme.

How to add a MemberMouse SmartWidget to a WordPress widget area
  1. From the WordPress Appearance menu, click the Widgets link.

  2. In the Available Widgets area (+), locate the MM SmartWidget .

  3. Drag the widget from the Available Widgets area on the left to any sidebar on the right. You can use as many instances of the SmartWidget as you want. Once a widget has been added to a sidebar, it will appear like this:

  4. Now you can add most MemberMouse SmartTags™, HTML or JavaScript to your SmartWidget.
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