Using the Core Page Templates

Core pages are MemberMouse specific pages that come equipped with useful SmartTags™ to help create an easy way for your membership site to function.

DO NOT DELETE You will definitely need your Core Pages in order for the MemberMouse plugin to function properly.

If you do accidentally delete the core pages, the good news is that they're easy to restore. Restore your core pages by going to General Settings Manage Install Repair Core Pages

All default core pages are created during installation of MemberMouse, but there will be times you may want to create your own new core pages. So if you need to go back to the original code for a core page you can insert the template, or if you are trying to customize something, you can do a trial run by inserting the template on a regular page.

Using a Core Page Template

Note in WordPress 5.0 and above: 

The dropdown is no longer available to automatically enter templates into the editor.  We have created a Templates Folder in the Knowledge Base with the code for each core page.  You can copy and paste the code from the relevant template into a Custom HTML block in the new editor if you ever have the need to reset one of the MemberMouse Core Pages.

Here are the individual steps:

  1. Open your WP Admin Panel

  2. In the left column, select Pages > Add New

  3. Title the page Checkout

  4. Click the Plus Button to add a block

  5. Choose Custom HTML

  6. Open the Core Page Templates folder and find the template for the core page you are re-creating

  7. Carefully copy all the code inside the code block

  8. Switch back to your new page, and paste the code

  9. Click Publish

For WordPress 4.9 and below:
MemberMouse comes with fully functional Core Page templates. To insert any of these templates, go the MM Templates dropdown above the WordPress content editor, select the Core Page Template you would like to use, and click the ‘green plus' icon.

The result of inserting a Core Page template is that MemberMouse will insert HTML, CSS and SmartTags™ into the content editor to produce a functional page that is completely customizable to your liking, but using the code for whichever template you've inserted as a foundation. 

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