MemberMouse Release v2.2.9

MemberMouse Platform Updates (Version 2.2.9)

MemberMouse 2.2.9 is now available – you can update directly from the link on your WordPress Dashboard or download using the link below to manually upgrade. Featured below are some of the highlights of this release. You can find a complete listing of all the new elements of version 2.2.9 in the release notes.

ClickBank Integration Refresh
ClickBank Integration Refresh With the MemberMouse version 2.2.9 release comes a total overhaul of our ClickBank integration. This means that you can combine all of ClickBank’s powerful new features with MemberMouse and put them to work for your business. The integration employs the latest version of ClickBank INS v7.0. We've also added a new ClickBank IPN log. There is now support for Multi-line Transaction items, PitchPlus upsell flow, partial refunds, coupons, displaying of purchases in local currencies and a longer SKU code field. Learn about the full details of the updated ClickBank integration.

Important note: In order for you to utilize v7.0 of Clickbank's INS system, your instant notification URL must be set to version 7.0. Get instructions on configuring your instant notification URL.

AuthorizeNet Security Enhancements
Authorize.net Security Enhancements Support added for verifying transactions with SHA-512 based hash utilizing a Signature Key sent by Authorize.net. For ARB integrations (not CIM), Authorize.net notifies the site daily of how many successful rebills and declines took place, using a mechanism called ‘Silent Post'. The TransHashSHA2 feature allows the customer to generate a Signature Key, which will then be used to cryptographically “sign” the Silent Posts that are sent to the site. This prevents a third-party from spoofing Silent Posts. Learn more about configuring MemberMouse to receive the Signature Key in Authorize.net ARB.


Google+ SSO Replaced Google has deprecated Plus as a means to sign into third-party apps and services. This has been replaced with Sign in with Google. Using Google to sign into third-party services no longer requires the creation of a G+ profile. As such, all accounts will automatically be able to use the sign-in method. A redesigned consent screen on Android and the web shows the exact information that will be provided to the third-party service. By default, only account name, email, and profile photo will be shared. Learn more about the Social Sign On feature.

If you are using the Google+ SSO, it is essential that you update to v2.2.9 in order for your members to be able to access your site. Besides updating, there are no additional steps you'll need to take.


Customize your Password Security When creating a user or doing a password reset, a minimum password strength requirement of 8 characters minimum has been implemented. Additionally, a custom WordPress filter can be added so that you can override the default password strength requirements with your own. Learn more about creating your own password requirements.


Easily Locate Product IDs The display grid has been updated for all Product Settings (Products, Membership Levels, Bundles and Coupons) to include an ID column. This column is the first one on the left and contains the ID number associated with the Product, Membership Level, Bundle or Coupon, depending on which grid you are viewing. Learn more about all Product Settings.

MemberMouse and PHP
PHP Compatibility The minimum PHP version recommended for running MemberMouse is PHP 5.4 . If you're running the latest version (v2.2.9), the MemberMouse plugin is compatible with PHP versions 5.3 – 7.3 . Learn more about using the PHP interface.


Do Some Spring Sprucing UP We want to strongly encourage anyone still running versions 2.2.5 and below to update to the latest version. There have been many security and operational enhancements since 2.2.5, not to mention great new features and bug fixes. Please read our system recommendations and download the latest version. If you have any questions about updating, just ask! Email us at [email protected].


Updating to MemberMouse 2.2.9

To take advantage of the new tools and features, you will have to update to the new version (2.2.9).

Cynthia Bennett

Cynthia is the Head of Customer Experience for MemberMouse.

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