2.2.9 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

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Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • ClickBank integration refresh. Employs the latest version of ClickBank INS v7.0. New ClickBank IPN log added. Support for multi-line transaction items, PitchPlus upsell flow, partial refunds, coupons, allow customers to pay in local currencies and presenting as such in MemberMouse and lengthened SKU code field. Learn more about the ClickBank integration. (1050, 1507, 1533)

  • Authorize.net ARB and Authorize.net CIM updates. Support added for verifying transactions with SHA-512 based hash utilizing a Signature Key sent by Authorize.net. Read more about the most recent Authorize.net update on their site. Learn more about configuring MemberMouse to receive the Signature Key in Authorize.net ARB. (1615, 1635)

  • Social SignOn Libraries updated. Google+ API has been deprecated and replaced by Sign in with Google. (1633) Support included for the latest Facebook API and backwards-compatible support. (1597) Learn more about allowing signups and logins through social media.

  • PHP Compatibility. The minimum PHP version recommended for running MemberMouse is PHP 5.4 . MemberMouse plugin is compatible with PHP versions 5.3 – 7.3 . Learn more about using the PHP interface.

  • Password security. When creating a user or doing a password reset, a minimum password strength requirement of 8 characters has been implemented. MemberMouse also supports the addition of a custom filter. The name of this filter is ‘mm_password_strength_ validator’ and allows the password to be evaluated based on custom requirements. Learn more about creating custom password requirements. (1640)

  • Test Payment Service. With On Demand Testing, the Test Payment Service overrides Stripe on the Core Checkout Page. (1580) Learn more about using the Test Payment Service.

  • Token exchange libraries security and functionality enhanced. If there is no token exchange, information is not submitted and an error is thrown. (1619, 1632)

  • Update billing details interface issue resolved. On the My Account page, the ‘State' dropdown updates dynamically based on the ‘Country' selected. Learn more about how members can update their credit card information. (1550, 1605)

  • Failed login attempts. When making a REST call, MemberMouse will now properly return an error message if authentication fails, instead of attempting to redirect to the configured Login page. (1637)

  • Coupon names can be longer. Coupon name field expanded to allow 255 characters. Error message explicitly states when a coupon name is too long. (1606)

  • Display grids updated for Product Settings. ID column has been added to product, membership level, bundle and coupon grids. (1657)

  • MySQL strict mode does not create any issue for MemberMouse. (478)

  • LimeLight product mapping error resolved. Learn more about configuring LimeLight. (1585)

  • Elementor conflicts resolved. When using Elementor it was not possible to load pages once they had been content protected. This has been resolved. Also when editing the Logout core page, the user was being logged out. This has also been resolved. (1618)

  • Push Notifications updated to follow http / https redirects. Learn more about using push notifications. (1587)

  • Asychronous push notifications setting added (experimental). This is a new setting located in General Settings > Other Settings. This is set to ‘Off' by default. When the setting is turned on, push notifications will be queued and run in a separate process.

  • Country subdivisions list expanded. Account updates permitted for accounts with unregistered country subdivisions as part of the address information. (1174, 1421)
Change History
DateVersionDescriptionSuggested Action
June 5, 20192.2.9-100Initial releaseManual upgrade of the plugin required
June 17, 20192.2.9-101Added ability to sort ID column;

Addressed error with Braintree library;

Addressed conflict with Thrive Architect;

Addressed issues with the reset password page and other password validation bugs;

Refined the ClickBank integration
Manual upgrade of the plugin required
June 25, 20192.2.9-102Addressed scenario with ClickBank where default shipping address information was not added to member's accountManual upgrade of the plugin required
June 27, 20192.2.9-103Addressed scenario with ClickBank where address line 2 was not sent;

Addressed an issue for ClickBank handling international special characters on product titles;

Updated push notification scripts to include address line 2 on account level and order level;

Added address line 2 to Member Details > General
Manual upgrade of the plugin required
July 10, 20192.2.9-104Addressed Authorize.net issue where attempting purchase results in error message: “Invalid signature request”;

Addressed an issue for ClickBank where one-time purchase products being refunded wasn’t resulting in access being removed;

Allowed for an exception when using createMember API call to allow for passing of credit card data with Stripe.js activated.
***Note: This practice results in higher PCI compliance. See createMember API for more info.
Manual upgrade of the plugin required
July 19, 20192.2.9-105Fixed a fatal error that occurred with Authorize.net CIM when performing one-click buys using a card on file.Manual upgrade of the plugin required
August 22, 20192.2.9-106Compatibility update for AWeber serviceManual upgrade of the plugin required
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