30+ Examples of Membership Sites To Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Drive

Looking to monetize your website and generate a recurring revenue stream? Spanning a wide range of industries and niches, this list of successful Membership Sites by MemberMouse customers is guaranteed to inspire you to grow your own thriving online business.

Whether you plan on creating a paywalled online publication, managing members of your association, or running an online academy, there's something to be learned from each example. 

These case studies showcase the versatility and potential of membership sites across diverse business models and audience needs. 

Consider them your practical blueprint for success.

Each example featured in this list has been created with our very own MemberMouse. The diversity of the use cases in this list demonstrates the versatility of our plugin.

Renowned for its unified and extensible system, MemberMouse is suitable for small projects and is also robust enough for enterprise-level organizations. 

With its flexibility and range of features, you can create diverse membership sites, from simple content access controls to complex subscription management and courses.

MemberMouse has empowered thousands of creators by providing the tools needed to build a seamless and engaging user experience – an essential asset for anyone looking to launch a successful membership site.

So without further ado, let's launch into our list of membership site examples, and inspire you to get started with your own.

Membership Site Examples

Art Courses

All humans are innately creative. As children, this creativity is nurtured, allowing us to express ourselves freely. However, for many, the desire to create is shadowed by self-consciousness and doubt about our so-called “natural” abilities as we grow older. 

Yet, those recognized as having the “gift” understand that artistic ability, much like any muscle, is developed through training and dedication.

If you possess a well-honed artistic skill, you have the unique opportunity to rekindle the dormant creativity in thousands of people by offering art and craft courses online. 

Using MemberMouse, you can effortlessly manage subscriptions, content access, and course progression on your website.

So, the next time someone admires your artistic talent and says,”'I wish I were artistic, like you,” you can confidently respond, “I run a course that can teach you exactly how!” 

Kirsty Partridge

For the past 8 years (and counting), artist Kirsty Partridge has dedicated herself to teaching individuals of all ages how to refine their drawing skills, bringing more realism to their artwork. 

Her journey has allowed her to identify the common pitfalls that aspiring artists often face and perfect a teaching method that accelerates learning, ensuring her students achieve impressive results faster. 

Kirsty Partridge membership site homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Using MemberMouse, Kirsty delivers her refined curriculum through a user-friendly online platform. 

This setup extends her reach to a global audience and provides an engaging learning environment for her students.

Through MemberMouse, Kirsty runs two online courses that are consistently oversubscribed.

Drawing decoded teaches people the fundamental drawing techniques needed for realistic drawing.

The Coloured Pencil Academy teaches artists the principles behind shading and coloring with pencils. 

Kirsty uses MemberMouse to manage enrolment for thousands of students and enable customers access to her online courses through a customized members area. 

She also skilfully uses a free mini course as a lead magnet to showcase her teaching style and start a conversation with potential customers. 

This integration of technology with her tailored teaching approach ensures that every student has the resources and support needed to unlock their artistic potential.

What They Say

MemberMouse has been a great tool for us to protect the content on our website for our students and provide them with a streamlined buying experience and great customizable members area.

We have thousands of students, and offer multiple courses, so our system is a bit complex. The best feature by far has been the fast and responsive customer support. They’re always there to help whenever we have any issues.

Pencil Kings

Pencil King’s mission is to make world-class art education accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location.

Founded in 2010 by Mitch Bowler, a visionary artist from a small Canadian village, Pencil Kings offers a clear path for aspiring artists to develop their skills and a space to connect with other like-minded artists.

Pencil Kings Membership site

How They Use MemberMouse

Pencil Kings migrated to MemberMouse after experiencing issues with their previous platform and customer support headaches. 

They now use MemberMouse to host professional courses and an exclusive community of artists. 

What They Say

Our team is 100% happier due to the more efficient workflow where customers are able to manage their own accounts using MemberMouse’s built-in member My Account page.”

It’s Solid & Dependable. Our old site felt like it was held together with duct tape and love!

Makers Gonna Learn

Makers Gonna Learn is a great example of the power of focussing on a niche market.

Offering courses, individual classes, and craft challenges for die-cutting enthusiasts, Makers Gonna Learn has positioned itself as a leading platform for Cricut owners to master their machinery. 

Makers Gonna Learn Membership site homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Makers Gonna Learn migrated to MemberMouse to effectively run and manage professional courses and host a vibrant community of Cricut owners.

This strategic shift simultaneously streamlined their operations and allowed for significant membership growth, moving from 1,800 to over 15,000 members. 

What They Say

We are so grateful for not only the technology MemberMouse has created, but the support has been top notch. Between recurring revenue products and one-off course products – MemberMouse has been at the front line powering it all.

Music Courses

As a music educator there’s only so much you can charge for in-person 1:1 lessons before the cost becomes prohibitive for most students. 

This financial barrier, coupled with logistical challenges such as travel, means that the traditional model of music teaching limits both the teacher's earning potential and the student's access to learning. 

That’s why online learning has been revolutionary for the music education industry.

By transitioning to online courses, you can inspire a global audience of would-be musicians to revive their passion for music. 

Guide students across the world in honing their craft from the comfort of their own homes. 

Whether through video courses or premium 1:1 video sessions, the potential to expand your influence – and income – is boundless.

With MemberMouse’s robust platform, you can effortlessly manage subscriptions, tailor content access, and monitor course progression. This ensures a structured learning path that leads your students from novices to skilled musicians, while you benefit from a sustainable model of recurring income.

No longer are you constrained by the number of hours in the day or the size of your local market. MemberMouse empowers you to scale your teaching business, reach a diverse audience, and secure a steady stream of revenue.

Banjo Mountain

From beginners taking their first pluck to advanced players refining their rolls, Banjo Mountain caters to a broad spectrum of banjo learners.

Built and run by banjo teacher and nature enthusiast, Judd Frazier, Banjo Mountain offers detailed lessons in both bluegrass and clawhammer banjo styles. 

Joining Judd is John Rosen, a seasoned professional banjo player with over 35 years of teaching experience. 

Their combined expertise ensures that students receive both inspiration and practical knowledge, supported by a curriculum designed from decades of musical and educational insight. 

How They Use MemberMouse

MemberMouse is the backbone of the Banjo Mountain operation. Handling everything from billing and payments to subscription product creation, MemberMouse streamlines the essential processes that keep the platform running smoothly. 

This ease of use is crucial for Judd as who manages every aspect of the site. 

With MemberMouse, Banjo Mountain has been able to offer a seamless subscription experience to its users, making it effortless for banjo enthusiasts to access their learning materials and stay engaged with their musical journey.

What They Say

As the singular person who both built Banjo Mountain and runs it on a day-to-day basis, I wear 1000 hats and handle all aspects of the business. MemberMouse makes it very easy to deal with a core component: billing/payments and subscription product creation. 

I simply would not have been able to build Banjo Mountain without it. I am not a coder and have bootstrapped it from day one, having no funds to pay a coder. MemberMouse enabled me to get up and running with very little effort.

Active Melody

ActiveMelody stands out in the crowded field of online guitar instruction, primarily through its unique teaching approach and dedication to fostering musical creativity. 

The site distinguishes itself by offering a new, in-depth lesson every Friday, emphasizing real-time learning over the extended development of courses. 

The core philosophy of ActiveMelody is not just to teach you other people's songs but to empower you to play, jam, and create music independently, focusing on the origins of guitar parts and how they can be innovatively used.

Active Melody membership site homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

ActiveMelody uses MemberMouse to manage its premium and non-premium content. MemberMouse is key to the site's operation, from handling new member sign-ups to tracking revenue. 

MemberMouse enables ActiveMelody to deliver its comprehensive suite of offerings, including full-length lessons, interactive tab viewers, downloadable content, and access to an extensive archive of lessons. 


Pianu disinguishes itself by focusing on making piano learning fun with an F#!

Offering interactive piano lessons, learners can plug their MIDI keyboard to their computer and play along.

With its extensive library of tutorials, learners get their pick of what they want to play, from top 10 hits to timeless classics. 

They also offer more structured courses focusing on key exercises and tips to master your playing technique. 

What truly makes Pianu unique, however, is its use of gamification. Learners can tackle challenges and earn badges, making the journey of mastering the piano not just educational, but exciting and rewarding.

Pianu homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Pianu uses MemberMouse to manage subscriptions and access to their learning resources and courses on their site. 

They also make the most of MemberMouses reporting suite, tracking sign-ups and sales to help them make data-driven decisions for their business strategy. 

What They Say

One MemberMouse tool I love is the Login as a Member feature. I like that I can go to manage members, click on any member and actually log in as that member.

When I do that, I actually see my user’s progress: what badges they’ve earned and what songs they’ve learned. Being able to instantly log in as a member is slick. I don’t think I would have attempted to do that if you guys hadn’t built that button.


With more and more self-made musicians making it big on social media and Spotify, a big gap in the market has emerged from musicians who want to elevate the sound of their music to a professional standard worthy of the charts. 

ProSoundFormula has capitalized on this opportunity, exemplifying how sound designers and music production experts can transform their knowledge into a lucrative onilne business. 

It demonstrates that with the right approach, sound design knowledge can be packaged into accessible, straightforward lessons that resonate with a wide audience. 

ProSoundFormula membership site

How They Use MemberMouse

ProSoundFormula harnesses MemberMouse to streamline its educational offerings, providing a user-friendly dashboard where members can access all training programs, sign up for free courses, or purchase new ones anytime, anywhere. 

MemberMouse makes it easier for ProSoundFormula’s customers to focus on improving their music rather than navigating the technical hurdles of course access and management.

What They Say

Since implementing MemberMouse, support issues have reduced by at least 80% because it makes the process of purchasing and accessing content so much easier for the customer.


BassGorilla filled an important need in the market for electronic music producers looking for clear, accessible ways to improve their sound. 

The platform helps sound designers cut through the complexity of new technology, offering over 200 hours of tutorials from leading industry professionals. 

It’s become a vital resource for thousands of students wanting to sharpen their skills and start a career in music production.

How They Use MemberMouse

BassGorilla uses MemberMouse for more than just tutorial access. It enables live sessions with top producers, access to an exclusive Discord channel, and a library of samples for members to use.

BassGorilla has also leveraged MemberMouse's powerful analytics and transaction reporting to increase their revenue by 45%, demonstrating how valuable the tool is for growing their business and enhancing the learning experience for students.

What They Say

We’ve been able to stabilize our tech environment, meaning much less customer support issues that we would previously have to escalate to our developer to solve […] Many of MemberMouse’s features have dramatically reduced the number of hours spent on customer support each day.

Professional Training

The demand for continuous professional development has never been higher. 

New techniques, strategies, and technologies continuously emerge, while best practices evolve rapidly. 

Industries across the board are in search of centralized bodies and thought leaders who can distill this wealth of information and share their expertise effectively.

With a membership site, you can position yourself as a key resource in your field, offering a centralized platform where professionals can access the latest insights, trends, and training materials. 

This approach not only establishes you as a thought leader but also creates a dynamic community of learners eager to stay at the forefront of their professions.

Here are some examples of organizations that leverage membership sites to offer professional training and accreditation. 

The American Swimming Coaches Association

Founded in 1956, The American Swimming Coaches Association has set the global benchmark in the certification of world-class swim coaches for over six decades. 

As a leader in the international swimming community, ASCA offers the “gold standard” in education, training, and certification for swim coaches worldwide. 

Their extensive programs and resources support the development of coaching excellence, contributing significantly to the sport's evolution and the success of swimmers at all levels.

Association membership homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

For an organization as multifaceted as the ASCA, managing the diverse needs of over 10,000 members annually is a monumental task. MemberMouse has been instrumental in streamlining this process. 

From annual billing and certification courses to providing access to publications and a customizable member’s area, MemberMouse has enabled the ASCA to operate more efficiently.
This contributes to the organization's ability to maintain its high standards of service and support for the swimming coaching community.

What They Say

With MemberMouse, the ASCA has successfully automated numerous processes and repetitive items that used to be manual tasks for someone in the membership department. This has freed up a lot of time for the team and allowed us to focus our efforts on more important and impactful work.


TRADEPRO Academy was born from a defining moment in 2009 when, amidst financial turmoil, the founder witnessed firsthand the impact of market complacency on investors. 

Faced with the choice to act or wait, the decision to take action marked the beginning of a journey dedicated to empowering others. 

Today, TRADEPRO Academy stands as a testament to the belief that success is a choice, not luck, and is built on the foundation of hard work, commitment, and the wise investment of time. 

Teaching the art and science of trading, TRADEPRO Academy aims to equip action takers with the skills needed for sustainable success in the trading world.

TradePro Academy membership site example homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

MemberMouse is pivotal in TRADEPRO Academy's mission to offer top-tier trading education and resources. 

The platform facilitates paid access to a wealth of trading knowledge, including courses, webinar recordings, and essential trading tools. 

With MemberMouse's robust analytics and the Member Activity Log, TRADEPRO Academy gains invaluable insights into Long-Term Customer Value (LTCV) and member engagement. 

This data drives the academy's content strategy, ensuring that offerings are aligned with member interests and needs, and supports the academy's impressive growth.

What They Say

Our membership has grown over 500% in 2 years and we have the confidence we can scale to much higher levels with the reliability of MemberMouse.

The Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs (AOE) is a burgeoning community where aspiring Amazon and Shopify sellers turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. 

Founded by Neil Asher, a seasoned ecommerce expert with over $5 million in sales, AOE distinguishes itself by providing weekly LIVE Q&A sessions, offering direct access to Neil's wealth of experience. 

This unique feature, alongside a comprehensive curriculum designed to take members from beginners to successful online retailers, has made AOE Australia’s fastest-growing ecommerce community.

How They Use MemberMouse

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs uses MemberMouse to manage its vibrant community and deliver its wide range ecommerce training materials effectively. 

The platform enables AOE to offer live Q&A sessions, exclusive access to an active private Facebook group, and a variety of learning resources tailored for Amazon and Shopify success. 

Through MemberMouse, AOE has streamlined the enrollment and content delivery process, making it straightforward for members to access the materials they need to succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce. 

This focused use of MemberMouse supports AOE's mission of transforming eager learners into successful online entrepreneurs.

What They Say

MemberMouse has enabled us to tailor our marketing to suit each individual person, which has really broadened our marketplace that we can go after.

Now the revenue that we make from the membership side of our business actually exceeds the revenue that we make from the digital marketing side of the business. 

So, our little side thing that we started has turned into a much bigger thing and overtaken the other business that it was built upon.


Neiru serves as a cutting-edge educational platform dedicated to the advancement of professional nail technicians and manicurists.

This platform is tailored for professionals seeking to elevate their craft with the latest designs and techniques emerging from Japan's vibrant nail art scene.

From foundational skills to advanced creative expressions like 3D art and mesmerizing effects, Neiru empowers professionals to enhance their service offerings and stand out in the competitive beauty industry.

Neiru membership site homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Neiru leverages MemberMouse to manageits educational content and community. 

The platform facilitates easy access to an extensive lesson library and exclusive member challenges, encouraging continuous skill enhancement and creativity. 

MemberMouse’s one-click upsells and SmartTags features are particularly beneficial, enabling personalized learning paths and simplifying the process for technicians to invest in their professional development. 

This focus on efficiency and customization helps Neiru to maintain its commitment to fostering the growth and success of nail art professionals worldwide.

What They Say

MemberMouse is a great platform that helps us easily manage our members and our content at the same time. But the great thing also is that they keep entrepreneurs and marketing growth in mind and with tools like one-click upsells it makes it so much easier to serve our members’ needs.

Elena Mutonono

Elena Mutonono, a seasoned business coach, revolutionizes online language teaching with her Smart Teacher's Library. 

She helps teachers move beyond 1:1 lessons, creating smarter systems that ensure teaching on their own terms and guarantee stable income. 

The Smart Teacher's Library stands out as a comprehensive platform, providing online language teachers with the tools and community support they need to thrive in the digital age.

Elena Mutonono membership site example homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Elena uses MemberMouse to manage and enhance the membership experience efficiently. 

MemberMouse streamlines the process for teachers to access a wide array of resources, from the initial sign-up and checkout to navigating the member-exclusive content. 

The platform's versatility enables Elena to offer a non-linear learning environment where teachers can find exactly what they need, when they need it. 

This aligns perfectly with Elena’s vision of creating a flexible and accessible educational space for language teachers worldwide.

International Gem Society

Since its inception in 1998, the International Gem Society has established itself as a pioneering force in online gemological education. 

As the first and largest website dedicated to gemology, IGS provides an expansive and detailed resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of gemstones. 

With a commitment to making gemology accessible and engaging, IGS has become an essential destination for enthusiasts, professionals, and students worldwide seeking information and education on all things gem-related.

International Gem Society homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

IGS uses MemberMouse to manage a vast number of transactions and memberships, ensuring a seamless experience for both the team and its members. 

Recognizing the need for an enterprise-quality solution to support its growing community, IGS found in MemberMouse a reliable and efficient platform capable of handling the intricate demands of their membership site. 

Automatic recurring billing was a turning point for IGS, significantly simplifying the renewal process for members and leading to a remarkable 50% increase in revenue. 

This change underscored the importance of a user-friendly infrastructure that retains members by removing barriers to renewal while enhancing the overall member experience.

What They Say

MemberMouse adds tremendous value to our business. We do thousands of individual transactions every month, and we therefore needed an ‘enterprise' quality membership website plugin to support and run our business. 

MemberMouse is simply the best product on the market. When we added automatic recurring billing in 2015, our revenue increased 50%. 

It became very clear before implementing it that people weren’t renewing simply because entering their information again was a hassle. 

They wanted to keep subscribing, but we didn’t have the infrastructure to bill them and handle all of the logistics and dynamics. MemberMouse to the rescue.

Kresser Institute

Founded in 2015 by Chris Kresser, MS, LAc, the Kresser Institute has rapidly evolved into a cornerstone for the education and certification of health professionals in Functional Medicine and ancestral health. 

The institute's mission is to equip the next generation of Functional Health practitioners with the necessary tools, skills, and training to combat chronic disease and revolutionize the future of medicine. 

Through its ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner Fellowship and Certification Program, along with various training courses, the Kresser Institute blends Functional Medicine principles with an ancestral health perspective. 

It;s mission is to empower practitioners to provide comprehensive care aimed at treating the root causes of illness.

Kresser Institute Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

The Kresser Institute employs MemberMouse to streamline the delivery of its comprehensive curriculum. 

By leveraging MemberMouse’s drip content features, the institute ensures that students have timely access to educational materials, enhancing the learning experience and facilitating a structured educational pathway. 

Option Alpha 

Option Alpha has established itself as a titan in the options trading and education sector, serving both novice and seasoned traders worldwide.

With over 8 years of leadership in the field, it attracts more than 5.4 million visitors annually and boasts nearly 30,000 active members from 42 different countries. This platform demystifies options trading, offering a wealth of resources designed to elevate the trading skills and knowledge of its community.

Option Alpha homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Option Alpha uses MemberMouse to create membership levels, checkout and upsells, recurring billing, and control access to courses and products.

MemberMouse's robust framework has been instrumental in the platform's ability to offer a diverse range of services and content, making it the backbone of their operational success. 

Their implementation of MemberMouse's features, such as 1-click upsells and dynamic shortcodes, has not only streamlined the user experience but also significantly boosted revenue and membership growth. 

These strategic tools have facilitated a remarkable expansion of Option Alpha's membership base, transforming it from under 450 to nearly 30,000 members in just two years.

What They Say

MemberMouse paid for itself the moment I installed it and serves as our complete one-stop-shop for membership levels, checkout and upsells, recurring billing, course and product access and so much more. Our business couldn’t run without it. 

1-click upsells converted at 47% for a major product launch that brought in an additional $17,531 in less than 1 week. Dynamic MM shortcodes have allowed us to sell an additional $38,945 of a small $39 product because it’s just made available to those who haven’t purchased it yet. We’ve grown our membership base from under 450 to nearly 30,000 in 2 years.

Other Educational Platforms

So far, we've already explored how MemberMouse facilitates seamless educational experiences, in art, music and professional fields. 

But MemberMouse's capabilities are as limitless as the thirst for knowledge itself, catering to a wide spectrum of educational niches and content delivery methods.

Whether you're teaching coding, culinary arts, fitness or any other subject matter where knowledge can be shared and skills can be honed, MemberMouse provides the tools necessary to create a structured, engaging learning environment. 

Here are a couple more niche examples of membership sites that deliver educational content with MemberMouse.

GMB Fitness

The wellness industry is booming. Trend experts and reports consistently highlight a growing consumer investment in health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, that’s predicted to extend well into the future. 

Amid this wellness wave, GMB Fitness differentiates itself by promoting physical autonomy – empowering its members to explore the full capabilities of their bodies through strength, flexibility, and control, rather than just aspiring to aesthetic goals. 

Their highly popular Elements program teaches locomotion exercises over an eight-week program. 

This approach resonates deeply in today's market, where many consumers strive for a  holistic and sustainable lifestyle over just their physical appearance.

GMB Fitness has inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals to reconnect with their bodies and improve their strength and range of movement. 

GMB Fitness Membership Site Example Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

GMB Fitness uses MemberMouse to offer tailored access to their training programs,.

MemberMouse's dynamic shortcode logic is pivotal for creating personalized upsells and promotions, enhancing member engagement and retention. 

Furthermore, the integration of push notifications with GMB's other software platforms facilitates a seamless communication flow, enriching the user experience. 

The internal access to sales statistics provided by MemberMouse allows the GMB team to make data-driven decisions, keeping their offerings aligned with consumer trends and ensuring their place in the competitive wellness market.

What They Say

We do a lot with MemberMouse’s specific shortcode logic, especially for upsells and promotions. It has made it easier for us to actually build our product and membership setup the way we like – there’s very few limitations to how bundles can be defined and combined. That’s sped up our production process considerably.

The Simple Scholar

At a time when homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular choice among parents keen on taking charge of their children's education, The Simple Scholar emerges as a vital resource. 

This platform caters to the growing demand for premium, flexible home education solutions that empower parents to effectively shape their children’s futures. 

With a suite of workshops and courses meticulously designed to demystify the homeschooling process, The Simple Scholar equips educators with the tools and techniques to tailor learning experiences to their child's unique needs and aspirations.

Simple Scholar Membership Site Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

The Simple Scholar harnesses MemberMouse to significantly reduce administrative burdens and streamline the educational process. 

By automating registrations and user access for both self-paced and live, interactive mentoring sessions, MemberMouse supports the platform's goal of offering flexible education tailored to the needs of its community. 

What They Say

Having the automation from MemberMouse decreased my workload by 60%

MemberMouse SmartTags are used nearly everywhere on the site to personalize the user experience.

The MemberMouse support team is outstanding. They go above and beyond to help me master one feature at a time. It is rare to have the level of expertise and support with a plug-in developer.

Online Publications

Online publications have discovered a golden strategy to finance their content production: paywalling. 

As the New York Times and other major publications have successfully implemented paywalls to secure a steady revenue stream, any popular blog or online magazine can harness this model to turn avid readership into financial support. 

Using membership site plugins like MemberMouse, content creators have all they need to start a paywall system and offer premium content to subscribers.

Whether it’s in-depth articles, exclusive insights, or special reports, paywalling ensures that your most valuable content rewards your efforts and investment. 

Membership site plugins make this transition seamless, offering features such as tiered membership levels, content protection, and automated subscription management. 

These capabilities allow publishers to tailor their offerings to different reader preferences, creating a customized experience that encourages subscriptions.

Moreover, the analytics and insights provided by these plugins empower publishers to understand their audience better, refine their content strategy, and continuously improve the value they deliver to subscribers. 

By paywalling content, you not only secure a revenue stream but also commit to delivering high-quality, valuable content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

WDW Magazine

WDW Magazine brings the wonder of Walt Disney World to fans across the globe, marrying the joy of Disney with the savvy of subscription-based content. 

Through both digital and print formats, WDW Magazine allows Disney enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the enchantment of the parks from anywhere in the world. 

For those harboring a deep-seated love for a unique niche, WDW Magazine shows that with the right tools and a dash of fairy dust, you can monetize your passion and create a community united by shared interests.

WDW Online Publication Subscription Page

How They Use MemberMouse

Stephanie and Danny Shuster have ingeniously utilized MemberMouse to transform WDW Magazine into a thriving hub for Disney lovers. 

Through MemberMouse, they effectively manage subscriptions and automate access to their rich content, allowing them to devote more time to crafting stories and experiences that dazzle and delight their audience. 

This automation has streamlined their operations significantly, highlighting MemberMouse's pivotal role in facilitating the growth and sustainability of their niche community. 

The ability to seamlessly blend digital and print offerings underscores the versatility and power of MemberMouse in supporting WDW Magazine's mission to spread Disney magic far and wide.

What They Say

Read more about the Shuster's experience of starting and running a successful online publication, and their use of MemberMouse in our Customer Success Story highlight.

Digits and Threads

Digits & Threads is a member-supported online magazine providing an exclusive platform dedicated to celebrating and exploring the rich fibre and textile traditions of Canada.

They deliver in-depth feature articles that delve into everything from the origins of Canadian yarn to the lifecycle of quilts and the principles of sustainable fashion. 

Digits & Threads weaves a narrative that connects agriculture and manufacturing with the art of textiles.

Digits and Threads Membership site

How They Use MemberMouse

Using MemberMouse, Digits & Threads manages three tiers of membership, offering tailored access to their repository of content. 

They use teaser content to entice non-members, while full articles are reserved for logged-in members. 

Such strategic content delivery is central to their mission, enhancing the value provided to members and effectively engaging potential subscribers. 

Digits & Threads uses MemberMouse’s Member Decision SmartTags™ to craft a personalized user experience, showcasing content that is most relevant to each visitor's membership status. 

MemberMouse allows Digits & Threads nuanced control over content accessibility for an optimized strategy. 

What They Say

This software is at the heart of everything we do as an online magazine, making it easy for us to provide extraordinary value to our members and to promote our magazine to non-members.

Business and Professional Services

Businesses of all sizes are on a constant quest to streamline operations and optimize their resources. 

This shift in focus has opened up a world of opportunity for skilled professionals to offer their expertise through subscription-based services. 

Instead of traditional consultancy models that rely on billable hours or project fees, think about packaging your knowledge into a continuous, value-driven membership platform.

The rationale is simple yet powerful: why should a company  invest in costly staffing when your subscription service can offer them a seamless, cost-effective solution? 

This approach offers businesses the agility and flexibility they need while providing you with a steady, predictable income stream. Win-win!

Take a look at examples of solopreneurs and businesses that have found success by offering a subscription to their professional services with MemberMouse. 

Coffee & Contracts

Social media marketing is a must for most B2C businesses these days, but crafting high-quality, engaging content is a time drain for busy professionals. 

When Hayley Ingram started in real estate, she realized that all of her leads were coming from Instagram as opposed to more traditional methods of cold-calling, 

Recognizing her talent, she started Coffee & Contracts to help other agents grow online with social media.

Coffee & Contracts provides subscribers with marketing tools and resources specifically for the real estate industry.

From captivating Canva templates and insightful video scripts to training sessions and a vibrant referral network, Coffee & Contracts equips real estate agents with everything they need to stand out online. 

Coffee & Contracts professional services membership site Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Coffee & Contract uses MemberMouse to offer tiered subscription services, control access to resources and access to a members only Facebook group, drip content and manage memberships. 

MemberMouse allows Coffee & Contracts’ clients to decide whether o pay monthly or annually. It also offers team accounts for estate agencies via MemberMouse’s Groups Add-on. 

What They Say

I was able to build the website using MemberMouse myself, with no developer experience, in less than 2 months. It was very easy to get set up and we had 100 members within the first few months of launching.


Founder of RiskRevu, Kurt Thoennessen, saw a common challenge within the insurance industry – the cumbersome, outdated methods of collecting client data. 

Determined to find a solution, Kurt created RiskRevu, a cutting-edge library of digital SmartForms specifically designed for the insurance industry. 

Risk Revue is a service that simplifies the data collection process and ensures insurance agents can offer tailored, precise insurance solutions with efficiency and ease. 

RiskRevu homepage Membership site

How They Use MemberMouse

RiskRevu uses MemberMouse to manage member sign-ups, payments, and access to their service. 

Additionally, RiskRevu skillfully leverages MemberMouse to offer a tailored service to its customers by creating custom products and pricing to meet varying client needs.

They achieved further success and a spike in their sales by implementing the Groups Add-on for MemberMouse, created by one of our best and most trusted third-party developers, Matt Mintun. 

What They Say

Using MemberMouse helps us by making it easy for our clients to add additional members to their groups. We saw a 75% increase in the number of users once we started using the Groups AddOn feature of MemberMouse.

Box Office Fox

Brittany Menard, the founder of Box Office Fox, identified a significant gap in the ticket brokerage market: the need for a sophisticated, yet accessible source of information for ticket brokers at all levels of expertise. 

Leveraging her background in web development and design, Britt created Box Office Fox. 

The platform simplifies the ticket buying and selling process by providing comprehensive data and insights about upcoming events, ticket sales, and market trends.

Box Office Fox Membership Site

How They Use MemberMouse

With MemberMouse, Box Office Fox offers detailed control over content access, enabling the delivery of specialized data directly to its subscribers. 

With MemberMouse's membership management features, users receive content tailored to their level of expertise and interest. 

This makes Box Office Fox useful and accessible to everyone from newcomers in the ticket brokerage field to seasoned professionals looking for in-depth market analysis.

What They Say

Read our interview with Brittany in our blog How To Design A Membership Site For Long-Term Success.

Coaching and Personal Development

Personal connection and the ability to inspire individuals to unlock their full potential and lead fulfilling lives are at the heart of the coaching and personal development industry. 

However, coaches often face the challenge of being limited by time and location, restricting their reach to a relatively small pool of people. 

A membership site can help you break down these barriers, enabling you to extend your impact beyond geographic and time constraints. 

Aside from delivering courses, these sites can facilitate coaches by enabling 1:1 consultations, and providing a space to foster a supportive community for your clients.  

Below are examples of coaches who've successfully created online spaces for their clients and communities, demonstrating the expansive possibilities of engagement through membership sites. 

Jordan Gray Consulting

Jordan Gray, a celebrated writer and relationship coach, has made a significant impact through his best-selling books and compelling articles featured in leading publications like The New York Times and Vogue. 

On his comprehensive membership site, Jordan offers a rich library of content, including meticulously crafted video courses and the opportunity to engage in 1:1 consulting. 

A standout feature of his platform is “The Circle,” an elite community offering unfettered access to Jordan's video programs, weekly group sessions, and special bonus calls featuring guest teachers. 

Jordan Gray homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Jordan Gray Consulting harnesses MemberMouse to host enriching video content. 

The platform's flexibility allows for a customized journey for each member, whether they're seeking personal advice or looking to engage with the broader community within “The Circle.” 

Through MemberMouse, Jordan can effectively manage memberships, provide exclusive content, and maintain a vibrant, supportive community.

Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is a prominent dating coach based in London, renowned for transforming the way people experience love and relationships. 

Her approach is deeply personal, focusing not just on finding love but on fostering self-awareness and genuine connections. 

Hayley's 1:1 services, accessible remotely, are so sought-after that new subscribers often join a waitlist, eagerly awaiting the chance to work with her directly.

Hayley Quinn Membership site homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Hayley uses MemberMouse to offer various tiers of engagement from online learning to one-on-one coaching. 

MemberMouse's robust platform enables easy access to content, forums, and exclusive events. 

What They Say

You can read more about Hayley’s experience using MemberMouse here.

Briana Borten

Briana Borten is the CEO and co-founder of wellness organization The Dragontree,(with popular centers in Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado. 

As a prominent figure in the realm of spirituality and holistic wellness, she embarked on an ambitious journey to create an inclusive online community. 

Her vision was to offer a sacred space for spiritual growth through The Love Rising Collective, encompassing holistic spas, online courses, life coaching, and a range of natural body care products designed for vibrant living. 

Briana's teachings, deeply rooted in energy, healing, and spirituality, have not only captured the attention of a dedicated following but have also been featured in prestigious publications such as The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, and Goop.

Briana Borten Love Rising Collective

How They Use MemberMouse

The Love Rising Collective's evolution from a small, pilot group to a flourishing online community was significantly powered by MemberMouse. 

Briana and her team leveraged MemberMouse to streamline their membership management, transforming their initial duct-taped approach into a simple and elegant system. 

This platform became the linchpin for organizing content across various membership tiers, reducing the manual labor of customer support, and ultimately, enabling a scalable model that could accommodate the collective's growth. 

MemberMouse allowed Briana to offer a structured path for members, from novices in meditation to those on the cusp of spiritual awakening, enhancing member engagement and retention.

What They Say 

Read all about how Briana’s Online Business Manager, Heather Wells, grew The Love Rising Collective from the ground up to a thriving online community in our customer success story profile.

Niche and Speciality Interests

The internet has always been a haven for people with niche interests to find their clan and carve out unique spaces for their passions and expertise to converge. 

Enthusiasts and aficionados are on the lookout for sanctuaries where they can celebrate and collaborate with like-minded folk. 

So if you have a rare hobby or specific professional pursuit, you have the opportunity to capitalize on it by providing an exclusive platform online. 

The key to success with these sites lies in the ability to foster a sense of belonging amongst members, alongside providing exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere. 

The sites in our list below serve as examples for how you can convert your niche interest or knowledge into a profitable career. 

They prove that with tools such as MemberMouse, even the most specialized interests can achieve remarkable success and sustainability online.

Ladies Working Dog Group 

Owning a high-energy, highly intelligent dog is as incredible as it is challenging. You need to keep their minds and bodies suitably engaged with specialized training without stressing yourself – the balance can be difficult to achieve.

The Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG) recognized that women who share their frustrations on social media are often met with judgment or harassment. 

In response, they have carved out a safe space for women dog owners to:

  • Share their experiences in the virtual “Dog and Duck”
  • Offer advice and encouragement
  • Get masterclasses on specialized training and techniques
Ladies Walking Dog Group Membership site Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

LWDG uses MemberMouse to streamline and manage its membership and subscription processes efficiently. 

MemberMouse handles all subscription services, allowing LWDG to leverage MemberMouse's reporting functionality to precisely track daily revenue, membership churn, and overall engagement. 

What They Say

MemberMouse is integral to our business. We’ve been working with it since the beginning and it’s been amazing! 

We used MemberDev to do website rehaul, including our Courses and Community areas.

Angle of Attack

Specialized expertise isn't just valuable – when it comes to running an online business, it's a superpower. 

Angle of Attack stands as an example of how niche passions can be transformed into a thriving online business. 

They offer video training for flight simulation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots.

This platform demonstrates that with the right approach, even the most specialized of interests can capture a global audience.

For entrepreneurs with a specialty expertise, Angle of Attack showcases the potential to create a dedicated community around your unique knowledge and skills.

Angle of Attack Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Angle of Attack uses MemberMouse to enhance the efficiency of managing memberships and access to its exclusive content including it’s library of video, audio, and text tutorials. 

They have 7 pilot training products ranging from a free course for single engine aircraft, through to a comprehensive guided course on piloting a Boeing 737 Next Generation. 

What They Say

80% of our free membership signups end up signing up for a paid product. Across the board, this software allows me to do more of what I love and less of the management type stuff. 

Yes, having an online business is cool. But what we work on is even cooler! I’d rather our company be spending our time working on great products than spending time doing menial tasks that can be automated. 

And, that’s exactly what MemberMouse does – it automates our membership platform so we can step back and work on what matters.

Danielle MacKinnon

Danielle MacKinnon, an acclaimed animal communicator or pet psychic, has cultivated a unique online sanctuary where members can explore and deepen their bond with their pets. 

Through her online school, Danielle offers courses that guide individuals on how to connect psychically with their pets using empathy and intuition.

Danielle MacKinnon Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

MemberMouse's robust system supports Danielle’s online workshops, retreats, classes, and community activities.

By using MemberMouse, Danielle has been able to expand her offerings, seamlessly adding new courses and services as her business has grown. 

For example, she created the Be Open community to offer extra support and engagement to her online students. 

What They Say

MemberMouse made it really easy to expand with add-ons and allow people to add different elements.

People will take my beginner animal communication class, Soul Level Animal Communication, and then when they’re taking that class, they’re like, “I want community.” So they have the Be Open community. 

But someone can also become a member of Be Open first and they’re not taking a class, they’ll actually end up taking a class as well. They feed each other, which is really awesome.

Divine Harmony

Divine Harmony offers a spiritual journey through the stars, providing members with tiered access to a rich tapestry of astrology content. 

This unique platform is for those seeking to understand the cosmic influences on their lives, offering weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts, horoscopes, insights into new moon/full moon phases, and other celestial events. 

While some content is freely available to all visitors, exclusive insights and deeper astrological explorations are reserved for members.

Divine Harmony Homepage

How They Use MemberMouse

Divine Harmony uses MemberMouse to manage restricted member-only access and orgnize the vast array of content she offers. 

This system has been instrumental in facilitating a successful online business model for Divine Harmony, providing the flexibility to operate the platform from anywhere in the world. 

This mobility is essential for Divine Harmony to continue to offer online classes and personal readings as she leads pilgrimages to sacred sites around the globe.

What They Say

MemberMouse is my membership management software. All members go through MM and MM organizes all my content. It has allowed me to have a successful online business. I can live or travel anywhere I want and bring my business with me (so I am not tied to living/working in one place). I have loved all my experiences working with MM and the people working there.

Feeling Inspired by These Membership Site Examples?

So now you know the diverse and innovative ways people are leveraging MemberMouse across a wide range of industries to monetize content, cultivate communities, and expand their online businesses.

MemberMouse is both versatile and effective in fostering growth and engagement on membership sites across even the most niche applications.

We hope these examples have made you feel inspired and empowered to start your project, or grow your existing business with MemberMouse.

Ready to get started? Find the MemberMouse plan that best suits you. And if you have any questions, our (now famously friendly) customer success team are on hand to answer them.

And if you're currently running a MemberMouse-powered site, we'd love to hear about your journey and the creative ways you've used our plugin.

Share your story in the comments below; we're always looking for inspiring examples to showcase in our community. Let's celebrate the success and ingenuity within the MemberMouse community together!

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