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Purchase Links are what customers will click on to purchase products, bundles or membership levels. Keep in mind that a product can represent a physical product, a bundle, or membership level since products can be associated with bundles or membership levels. Read this article to learn more about products.

There are two types of purchase links: those created using the MM_Purchase_Link SmartTag and those that are a static URL.

  • The MM_Purchase_Link SmartTag dynamically generates purchase links within your membership site. It is recommended that this SmartTag is used wherever possible as it includes some built-in intelligence such as automatically directing the customer to the default checkout page and automatically billing a customer's card-on-file if it exists.

  • The static URL should be used when you want to place a purchase link outside of your membership site. For example, if you want to include a purchase link in a Twitter post, Facebook post, PPC or banners ads, emails or on 3rd party sites.

    The static link should also be used to send a customer to a page that has a checkout form but is not the default checkout core page. This is because the MM_Purchase_Link SmartTag will always send a customer to the default checkout core page.
  1. In the MemberMouse menugo to Product Settings, and click on any of the following tabs:  ProductsMemberships Levels, or Bundles.

  2. In the Purchase Links column, click on the ‘blue dollar' button next to the item you would like to generate a purchase link for.

  3. The following Purchase Link dialog box will pop up:

  4. If you're including the purchase link within your membership site, copy and paste the Purchase Link SmartTag into your WordPress page/post or into a MemberMouse SmartWidget.

  5. If you're using the purchase link outside of your membership site, copy and paste the Static Link into the 3rd party location.

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