Affiliate Integration Overview

MemberMouse provides powerful tools for integrating with affiliate management systems. At the core of our affiliate functionality are commission profiles. Commission profiles are where you define the rules that MemberMouse should follow when determining how to track commissions when a sale is made. For example, you can set in a commission profile whether commissions should be paid out on initial sales, if rebill commissions should be paid out and if the number of rebill commissions should be limited to a certain number and more. You can use one commission profile across your entire catalog of products or associate commission profiles on a product-by-product basis so you have complete control over when commissions should be paid out for each product. Read this article to learn more about commission profiles.

MemberMouse also offers an innovative feature called partner payouts. With standard affiliate tracking, the affiliate responsible for directly referring a customer to you will get a commission. Sometimes you may have a joint venture partnership where you've made a deal with one or more partners, and the deal is that they will get a certain percentage of all sales of a particular product. With partner payouts you can easily set up these deals on a product-by-product basis so that commissions are automatically tracked for partners in addition to the standard affiliate responsible for a customer referral.

Read over the Commissions section of this article to learn more about this feature.

Direct Integrations

The table below is a list of affiliate providers that are integrated directly with MemberMouse along with the capabilities they support:

Affiliate ProviderSecure Commission TrackingAffiliate Account CreationCustom Rebill CommissionsCancel Commission on RefundPartner PayoutsCoupon Code TrackingIP Address Tracking

If you're looking for information about setting up iDevAffiliate, follow this link to Configure iDevAffiliate.

Other Integrations

Here are a few other affiliate providers that have produced integrations with MemberMouse.  Please note, these integrations were done by the providers, and MemberMouse cannot provide support for these integrations.

Easy Affiliate
Website – https://easyaffiliate.com/
Integration Steps https://membermouse.com/docs/easy-affiliate-and-membermouse-integration/

Website – http://affiliatewp.com
Integration Steps – https://affiliatewp.com/docs/membermouse/

Post Affiliate Pro
Website – https://www.postaffiliatepro.com
Integration Steps – https://www.postaffiliatepro.com/integration-methods/integration/membermouse/

Manually Integrate with an Affiliate System

If the affiliate system you want to use is not directly integrated into MemberMouse, you can still use your preferred system. Read this article to learn how to manually integrate with an affiliate system.

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