API Credentials Overview

What are API Credentials?

API is a way for people to programmatically make calls to MemberMouse. Creating multiple API credentials is a secure way for you to give access to the other people you work with. The default access is for you, and as you may need to give other people access, you will want to create a separate API credentials. This way when a partnership ends you may delete the API credentials, thus deleting access, at any time.

Managing API Credentials

In the MemberMouse menu go to Developer Tools and then click on the API Credentials tab.

The screen shot below is an example of what the API Credentials tab will look like. Here you will see the default API credentials and any other API credentials you have created and attributes, including:  key code, password, status and status. This page is where you will create and delete API credentials as well as edit existing ones. Consult the API Credentials' Options table below to learn more.

API Credentials' Options
NameYou will automatically be given a default API credential for primary use. Any credential created in addition to this is for an partnerships or affiliations you would like to give access.
KeyThis key is important when calling the API. You can learn more about the API here.
PasswordThis key is important when calling the API. You can learn more about the API here.
StatusThis indicates whether the membership level is active or inactive.
(Green) Active – This API credential can be used.
(Red) Inactive – This API credential cannot be used until it is made active.
ActionsThe icons under this column allow you to edit or delete and API credential.
Edit – To learn more about editing a and API credential, go to this article.
Delete – Click on this icon to delete an API credential at any time.
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